Monday, November 8, 2010

Elizabeth Smart Case [UPDATE]

Elizabeth Smart case Update is available. The Elizabeth Smart Case has been a big scandal ever since Smart was abducted. It was one of those missing persons cases that had a happy ending of sorts when Smart was discovered - or just walked out in to public with her captor.

Smart was held captive for nine months, raped every day of her captivity. She was brainwashed and lived as her captor's wife.

Her captivity was far less time than that of Jaycee Dugard - who spent almost two decades with her captor, bearing two daughters with him.

Elizabeth Smart was 14 in 2002 when the abduction took place. She was taken from the bed she shared with her sister, who pretended to be asleep as her sister was abducted.

Smart offered her testimony, describing the ordeal as "indescribable fear" and saying that she thought she was having a realistic nightmare.

Her captor did handyman work for the family.

Elizabeth Smart is now a missionary in France, but returned to give her testimony in this case.

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