Monday, November 8, 2010

Connecticut Governor’s Race 2010 Results - Tom Foley Concedes to Dan Malloy

Connecticut Governor's race results - Tom Foley concedes to Dan Malloy, which means that one less Governor's seat will turn over to the GOP during the 2010 Mid Term election. The race has been too close to call, but Foley notes that the opposition won, and a recount would not change anything for the better.

The Connecticut polling was a clusterflub, with officials ordering too few ballots, photocopying the ones they had, and then locating uncounted ballots after a winner was declared.

Malloy was initially declared the winner, and it was taken back shortly thereafter. Then, there was mass controversy and many were left wondering who the next governor would be. Many were even curious as to whether or not there would be a massive scandal sort of like the 2000 presidential election in Florida.

What are your thoughts on the Connecticut Governor's race 2010 results?

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