Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Glenn Beck: MoveOn.org, George Soros, & The Puppet Master

Glenn Beck: MoveOn.org, George Soros, & The Puppet Master. Glenn Beck is a highly controversial figure in news, and his show and radio show are typically right-winged in nature. After the mid-term election, Glenn Beck is moving on to talk about the "Puppet Master"

George Soros is a liberal who has attacked Glenn Beck via the Tides Foundation and more. One organization he's involved with, Media Matters, scrutinizes Glenn Beck.

In addition, George Soros is believed to be behind the firing of Juan Williams, who Fox News picked up as a news contributor.

According to Beck, the stage is George Soros' media outlets. The Liberal billionaire is the puppet master behind the stage pulling the strings...or is he? It all depends on what Glenn Beck reveals to us.

What are your thoughts? Is George Soros the puppet master? Is Glenn Beck Crazy?


  1. He's def the puppet master. Beck has all the facts. Research it yourself before you call him a crazy man...

  2. Soros is being exposed for who he is. Be safe Glenn.

  3. Seriously: Get a life. Beck's show is riddled with inaccuracies. Does he not employ a fact checker? Does he not know how to use Google? Zack Exley was never the Executive Director of MoveOn.org and MoveOn is not a 501c3--does Beck even know what a 501c3 is or does? Because 501c3 can't engage in partisan behavior.

    Beck is not only a nutjob, he is a sloppy, shoddy nutjob who didn;t bother to learn what campaign finance rules actually ARE, didn't bother to learn what a 501c3 actually is and which organizations actually have this status, and didn't bother to learn who is really in charge of said organizations or even how to pronounce their names correctly as he tried to smear them.

  4. lol guy above's on the take.

  5. Most leftist are attacking the conservatives as wrong because they lost the mid term elections BECAUSE the leftist are nut jobs.

  6. Glenn Beck is a dangerous man. Anyone who watches and believes his bull is an idiot...just like him.

  7. I cannot believe that Americans listen/watch demagogues such as Beck, O'Reilly', Hannity et al. Don't they have enough intelligence to look through these hateful diatribes?


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