Tuesday, November 9, 2010

UFO In Virginia & Mystery Missile Launch Create Buzz

UFO In Virginia & Mystery Missile Launch Create Buzz. There have been a couple things creating a buzz in the world. First, is a UFO over Virginia. You see, at first there were some mysterious blue lights over Virginia. Then, a mysterious missile launch near the nation's west coast that no one can explain

It's important to say that neither situation appears to be linked. However, the thought that NORAD, the CIA, FBI, and Pentagon can't explain a missile over California is disturbing at best.

Almost as disturbing as a UFO over the nation's capital - or at least near the Nation's capital. After all, hasn't anyone seen "Independence Day?"

And hasn't anyone at least questioned why there are UFOs over various cities, multiple UFOs in China, near airports, and in the US with no explanation - and then the missile launch.

What are your thoughts? See a video below about each event. Leave your feedback as well.


  1. Pity the poor sod who pushed the wrong button. A lot of testing takes place off the CA coast. 'Can't explain' is far more likely 'won't explain'.

  2. Accident... REALLY!!! A projectile requiring that much thrust with current technology cannnot be by accident. Furthermore, it had to be tracked by the Defense Department to where ever it went or at least it will be soon deturmined through sat images that they daily look at even boats...

  3. Catalina Island has long been a center of UFO activity If the US fired a missle and we didnt know who did it by now .... We are in big trouble

  4. I find it humerous are own goverment does not know what it is. you can clearly see it is a missle of some type. They respond the same way when these ufos buzz citys or nuke sites. same old reply. they know what it is and they dont have to tell us we are sheep.we just pay the bills but still get kept in the dark. dude in the plane must have thought it was world war 3 lol

  5. Let's think about this for a minute...Not one major government agency assigned with defending this country "doesn't know what it is"? Really?If that's really the case, we are screwed. And no,I don't buy the "looks like a jet" thing. Jet's generally do not climb at that steep an incline. I don't know what it was, but it WAS NOT a plane.

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