Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holidays: Unemployment Extension Benefits 2010 Expire, Tier 5 & 99ers Worry

The unemployment extension and the 2010 benefits expire in five short days.  The hopes for a tier 5 for the 99ers grows more and more uncertain as we grow closer to the end of the lame duck session.  The Bush Tax Cuts and the Dream Act remain more important to the GOP and the Democrats during their last chance to push bills through the house before the GOP takes over.

Today is Thanksgiving Day, and there are many moms and dads out there who are preparing a modest meal, watching holiday shows on TV, and trying to act as normal as possible so as not to ruin the holidays for their young children.  While the kids aren't around, they are trying to figure out how they are going to purchase toys and presents

A couple of weeks ago, Congress tried to "fast track" extending the current emergency federal benefits, with no avail.  The measure failed to get a 2/3 majority required, but even if it would have it would have faced an uphill battle in the Senate.

The GOP wants to ensure that any measure is paid for by spending cuts or increased taxes. They also don't want to push through any measures that the Democrats are passionate about, unless there's some deal with the Bush Tax Cuts.

Of course, the ideal situation would be this.  The Democrats would say "ok" to the GOPs desires to keep the Bush Tax Cuts in place, and in turn the GOP would extend unemployment benefits for at least six more months.

Will that happen? It's hard to say.  However, in five short days the 2010 unemployment extension will expire, and it won't be just the 99ers who need a Tier 5 who will be struggling for answers.



  2. I wish nothing but the worst to every politician across the country today.Heartless jerks.

  3. I'm just wondering do these people really understand how hard it is for families already living pay check to pay check now its up to you all to give us our pay check n for you to decide if my family eats or pay for the car that's a payment from being taken away or the house i live in be taken away well if this happens we will be faced with yet another problem WELFARE n we all know they are BROKE TOO can't help us either so I ask you WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSE TO DO IF YOU DON'T PASS THIS BILL!!!!! AMERICA WE ARE IN BAD SHAPE - NOW GO SEND FOOD IN SHELTER OVER SEAS BUT CAN'T HELP YOUR OUR PEOPLE IN YOUR OWN BACK YARD CRAZY I TELL YOU JUST PLAIN CRAZY

  4. Same old crap news -just a different day - woopieeeeee!!!!

  5. After coming home from a long job search in snowy weather on Monday 11/23, I found that NV energy had shut off my power. The high that day was 22 degrees. I would not get my unemployment until Wednesday... they would not budge. I am a single mother with a child. The neighbor ran an extension cord from his home and gave us an electric heater. I had to pay NV energy $278 which included a $150 deposit to get service restored. My unemployment is 320. Social Services could not help even though I applied for energy assistance last month. They say it takes 60 days! My last check will be Nov 30th. I cannot move to my 1st tier thanks to our government playing games and using the unemployed as a pawn. Dayspring Christian Assembly knocked on my door and delivered us a turkey and all the trimmings. They offered this gift that last's for a day, but God offers us a gift through his son Jesus Christ that is eternal in heaven. Heaven has to be better than this hell we are living now. Eat and sleep well tonight politicians!

  6. I'm just going to end everything! I cant do this.

  7. The rich always have Happy Thanksgivings. They are thankful for screwing everybody the entire year. They can get their turkeys and stick them straight up their fat behinds.

  8. You people need to connect and mobilize....During the Great Depression the unemployed just gathered in the street en masse

    Good luck and remember, you get free food and a heat in jail!

  9. Please do not end everything, Anonymous. You are not alone. Make it your mission to stand with the literally millions of 99ers in this country. There are too many 99ers to ignore, and something has to turn around. People have been successful with a lot less in their corner.

  10. Cranberry sauce and turkey gravyNovember 25, 2010 at 4:06 PM

    Decay in the ground senate officials - when the good lord gets a hold of you, All the money you have taken from the hard working men and women wont do you any good in Hell - Hope you choke while your stuffing your big fat ass guts today.

  11. See Yalll on the rails! This Hobo stew is good stuff.

    Hopefully you too won't have to HOBO UP!
    99er Country Carl, Artist of the "99ER New Depression Blues" Video – youtube -

  12. I AGREE listen politicans. Remember the same people that voted you in will bounce you Out LISTEN George Bush senior went to Kumait he did kick ass. And he and most thought he would retain position as pres, guess what the bad economy got his job replaced he even admitted it. Now if you politians think that if you let 14millon people go unfead and housed and you will be relected. wow your dummer than I even thought. Listen extend this get the economy rollin up. Get you house in order and senate. And the the last note is I liked Bush senior I still like him he shoots straight, But I did not vote 2nd rd for him. Because of the economy. Read my lips you know.

  13. Wow that guy is right the story about george bush man his is sharp I HAD FORGOT about that. hey we might suffer till we get back on our feet. once there out of office what are they gonna do. thats a long way to fall.

  14. I'm like so many. 57, master's degree, laid off as a public school educator in Idaho. Jobs Bill did nothing to help get my job back in my district. I am so sick and tired of what is happening in DC with both parties. I have written my congressmen many times, but you can tell that some aide has responded with a standard answer. I am SERIOUSLY looking at moving to Canada. I know that sounds unamerican but people are treated with dignity there.


  16. The reason they would not vote the fast track to extend unemployment (aside from thwarting the Democratic party) is because they want to tie extending the unemployment to keeping the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. And why would that be? Because they ARE the wealthy!! It’s like voting to continue to give them more money. The next thing you know, they’ll be voting themselves raises. Now THAT’S what is important to them, their money, the management of their wealth and their friends’ wealth. They could care less about the people in this country who are suffering so long as everything remains status quo or improves for them; and of course, what President Obama is another Republican who posed as democrat to get elected.( What a real shame it is to be an American, watching our country during a Depression starve by the 45 plus million, and the government takes their “Thanksgiving Vacation”. Did you know that: ” The Unemployment Act of 1970 ” was signed into law that any state which has an unemployment rate of 7.5 % percent or higher will continue to receive unemployment compensation indefinitely.

    When you look at counties in Europe and the rioting that takes place…they riot because they may have a small portion of their income taken away…and they also riot in fear of having their human rights taken away and becoming another Unites States of America.

    * You collect up to 4 1/2 years unemployment of 93% your yearly income.
    * Double pay on each holiday… plus, two months each year double pay for summer vacation.
    * Double pay for each member of non-working family member i.e; wife and children etc.
    * Continued Education is Free.
    * No property tax if you only own 1 home.
    *Full-time hours per week worked: 25-35.

    You know what America…you can keep people like John Boehner GOP president who fights to never have a billionares pay any taxes or folks who don’t give a dam like President Obama who didn’t sign an executive order to put on our tables any food or gas money…you can even keep that “old dish rag” Nancy Palossi
    laughing at people going homeless, along with the entire senate committee.

    But there is one thing you can do…

    You may be able to get Christmas Bonus, the one-off tax-free 10 payment made before Christmas. This is normally paid automatically to those customers getting a qualifying benefit in the qualifying week and who meet the residency conditions.

    Who is eligible?
    To get a Christmas Bonus you must be a resident in the Europe, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, any EEA country, or Switzerland. You must also be entitled to at least one of the following benefits in the qualifying week (normally the first full week of December):

    •Attendance Allowance
    •Carer’s Allowance
    •Constant Attendance Allowance (paid under Industrial Injuries or War Pensions schemes)
    •Contribution-based Employment and Support Allowance (once the main phase of the benefit is entered after the first 13 weeks of claim)
    •Disability Living Allowance
    •Incapacity Benefit at the long-term rate
    •Industrial Death Benefit (for widows or widowers)
    •Mobility Supplement
    •Pension Credit – the guarantee element
    •State Pension (including Graduated Retirement Benefit)
    •Severe Disablement Allowance (transitionally protected)
    •Unemployability Supplement or Allowance (paid under Industrial Injuries or War Pensions schemes)
    •War Disablement Pension if over State Pension age
    •War Widow’s Pension
    •Widowed Mother’s Allowance
    •Widowed Parent’s Allowance
    •Widow’s Pension

  17. Listen to this American

    Kuwait? You mean the country Kuwait that gives every new born child $ 300,000.00 thats three hundred thousand dollars.

    Every household gets 300k dollars for ever child in household. Most children drive new cars and never finish school, with fat wallets.

    Listen I don't have time to hate someone more then I do the entire BUSH family.

    Do your homework: Preston Bush...Georgy=boys grandfather....built all the concentration camps for Hitler to kill Jews in.

    When they die...I order another cake to celebrate they are in HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. People voted for GOP on the House, now people will suffer the consequences for it. The GOP is against unemployment extensions. Although both GOP and Dems agree the DEADLINES should be extended, there is NOTHING on the table concerning a Tier 5. Oh and who knows when the deadlines will be extended because GOP and Dems won't agree on how they would pay for extending those. Like the song says "This is it".

  19. Anonymous 3:21 pm

    Don't kill are important.

    1st if you kill yourself...a priest " will not " give you a proper burial.

    2nd you are may feel like shit, but somebody tomorrow is going to need you, and you will be in God's strength.

    Light comes from darkness...don't be another loser.

    I promise you something...If riots happen in New jersey/ Manhattan area...I will raise HELL and cause Major DAMAGE...cops will fear what hurt people feel today.

  20. I hope the Republicans choke on Thanksgiving.

  21. What we all need is a little Human time off.

    This Thanksgiving we didn't have alot of money.

    So we decided to cook what we like and skip the traditional fancy crap.

    We like chicken quarters...that's leg and thighs.

    We like stuffing...

    We like sweet potato fries or baked.

    we like gravy and warm bread.

    We stuffed the chicken legs and thighs after taking out the bones with awesome stuffing; baked sweet potatos and homemade bread and gray w/ cranberry sauce.

    Was it fancy was not a rich dinner...

    We are not rich...we drink like we are...but skipped the dry expensive turkey...ate only what we wanted...nothing extra...and we still we can invite anyone of you into our home.

  22. Hey....I am one who will lose unemployment as well not even able to get Tier 1. I am just exhausting my first 26 weeks. However I did not vote REPUBLICAN...those of you who did and you know who you are are the ones responsible for all of us losing our unemployment. So the only ones to bleme are those who voted them in....what were you thinking?????????????????

  23. i am one of the unemployed that has ran out..well on 11/24 i went looking for a job..i had gone to several department stores that are hiring for the holidays..well needless to say i went to bath bed and beyond when she gave me the app..on it had a extra paper where they want you to sign so they could look at ur credit report..i said i dont think so...that is none of there business..i think that should not be aloud and they wonder why people are having trouble getting jobs and why they dont want to sign that paper..i will never give anyone my permission to do that..they need to change that..

  24. So you are unemployed?

    You feel you may not get a extension after 26 weeks of unemployment?

    And I do feel like the Sam Kinison coming out in me...

    Well, Mr and Mrs recently felt screwed without any lube tax payer...

    Have you stopped to find or spot any 99er around you since March...who haven't been paid a single dingle berry to visit the check cashing place, before buying a 5th of Majorska right across the street from any Doncun Donut store where The russian whore single mom awaits half his broke ass check with coffee and sugar and this much cream... with your soul to pay for
    the credit card and the yeast infection...

  25. There really is no way to "spin" this story...
    Other than to say, Congress is behaving like a bunch of Aholes

  26. Dear Anonymous who wants to end it all. Please don't do anything drastic. You are hurting but I'm sure you have somebody wh love's you and would be devastated. I have lost my unemployment and have no money for Christmas. I don't have money to buy necessities. I pray for you. I will pray for all of you. I hope everyone willget everything they need to survive. God Bless. We are out here with you.

  27. I"m a single father of a 16 month little boy who's been laid off Union carpenter since 01/09...I have been unable to find work besides a few side jobs here and there....Our Union bosses say no work at all...that it's going to be a while before things get rolling again....

    I have spent most of my savings making ends meet...I have had to tap into my anuity now and will not be able to afford to by my son much of anything for Christmas.

    As I read some of the stories people write here I am sad to see that so many of us feel the same way about our "leaders"....they are heartless souls....they lie to get into office and once they are there they forget all about the things the lied about to get into their nice fat office in DC.

    America is going down hill fast..."we blow up the world trade centers" we blow WTC 7....and we start a never ending war in the middle east spending trillions of dollars for what? Some of that money could be spent here in the US....but no, we are over the killing innocent men,women, and children? where is your scape goat "bin laden"? I can't wait to move out of this rotten country!

  28. The one I wanted to marry told me to go on with my get over it, and that if I ever called her again, she would call the police.
    She told me that is was over, she never wants to see me again...and that the next person that I meet be dumber.

    WHAT did I do: As a man...I gave 75% income to her. I know bro...keep

    Destroyed my credit...even sold my possessions, and asked family members for money. Of course payed them back immediately.

    She wanted me to give her my property, she would come across like she was a victim, and that if I loved her she should get half before marriage, before sex, before ever even being invited to see where she lives!!!!!

    you know what she is...not just a Russian.

    Her Name is Angela..

    She thought that she be treating any loving good human being like myself in life...just like a piece of shit in life...she waS WRONG

    She is the shit stain on the curb that park walkers, because they can afford to do nothing during the day...avoid walking near her.

    Angela my love..guess what you lieing sack of shit for 7 years of taking everything I had, except my property....

    i just won lotto...

    guess what?

    I;m going to fuck different hooker's on your property while you sleep or hopefully while you watch

    And then show them your face and write fuuny riddles and send you pictures

  29. If I were young like a lot of you are, when I could I would try and get out of this country. You are lucky to be young, please go out there and fight for yourself and get the hell out of here. This country has been sold and unless you have a lot of money to pay these worthless reps and Senators it is over. The Americans just vote and praise the very people that are screwing them. I do not get it. They look at them, say "we need to cut entitlements" do the dummies no know that means benefits you will need unless you are filthy rich? It's like they look at you, say "I'm gonna take you down" and the dummies keep voting for them by saying "oh,okay, rip me off, I love it"...insanity....they deserve what is left of this place, the rest of you with life left, get some way to get out of here and get a life.

  30. i have been hearing that some attention seeking 99ers are planning a huge uproar in 7 major cities sometime next week. how true this is i have no idea but i now that i will not be involved.

    actually, this will probably end any chance we have of getting an extension in my opinion.
    violence and disruption is not the answer

  31. I think enough unemployment was given, the vote in november validated that. Too many people sitting home collecting, in every country in the world the unemployment is around 10% and nobody kills himself or all this drama.. Maybe the government cant keep the food stamps program for 1 more year just for single moms and people with disabilities. The rest of you move your fat ass from the couch!

  32. post @ 11:49

    Lick my Di-k

  33. Why not just give every U.S. citizen a "Birth Right" payment every year beginning at birth.

    A $2,000,000 "Birth Right" payment--the U.S. would be the Most Prosperous nation, then. No poor and needy. The government would be in a constant state of balanced budget and no debt from the enormous tax revenue just from sales tax.

  34. Extend the benefits, and implement a "Birth Right" payment.

    God Bless America!

  35. Big Daddy hosted a BIG Thanksgiving Dinner Cruise on his Pleasure Boat for a few of the top Republicans today. They discussed what to do with you lazy whiners since it is apparent your not even trying to get a job.

    ~just saying...

  36. 11:49 poster:

    No one here is being lazy! It's a requirement to report 2 job searches per week to collect UI. Secondly, I would love to see you live of $270 per week with 3 kids, bills and rent. I'm practically begging HR department for works in Maryland. If it wasn't for family members, my church and my kids family, I'd be homeless! And believe me when I say " none of the parties that try to help me have very much to give and they have jobs...they feel sorry for me. BTW, I was working as a para legal for 13 years at a DC law firm. Peace be with all of you and just hold on.

  37. i am a 99er i have been without a job for two and a half years now

    is there any hope left?

    i have been paid four times by this site it is legit

    here a receipt for a fifty dollar payment i received to my paypal account

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  38. ryc 1265

    go market your phony shit somewhere else and stop preying on desperate people you low life scum

  39. im blaming dems and republicans pass the extention already heartless jerks fund it and pass it


    my story

  41. To Deerocks,

    I would not get my hopes set very high on the sorry bastards passing anything to help us.
    They are all millionaires by means of corruption and so they have nothing to gain by helping the average American citizen. It seems they are truely inviting Civil unrest and riots.

  42. ** Hey Free Offers @ 11:17 **

    Go market your phony shit somewhere else you low life dirtbag. Nobody wants to hear your story and for you to prey on innocent desperate people you suck.

  43. I MISS OLE GEORGE. I had a job then. At least we have apologized to all our enemies for being so mean to them. Congress will give them OUR money, but won't help us in hard times. I guess when China takes over, we will all have a job making cheap junk for Walmart.

  44. I think the fact that the benefits will expire is a blessing in one respect. If congress has to start from scratch, it's more likely they'll include the long-term unemployed (99ers).

  45. yeah i had a great job during ole georgey boys term but long before him also. he was just as corrupt but at least he passed some of it down to the working people. they all suck

  46. Why dont you fat lazy fucks just get up off your asses and get a job.

  47. Hey 99ers, Hows the job hunt going? I just hosted a big Thanksgiving dinner cruise yesterday for Beck, Bush, GOP dignitaries and Obama. What a day on the river. We all came down to the conclusion, that 99 weeks is long enough and we don't want to bankrupt the Unemployment Development Department. So we have decided to cut it all off and flush its chances of coming back. We don't want to promote laziness in not pounding the pavement. Good luck to all and all a good night. Big Daddy.

  48. Great job BD, I loved the hot tub fun yesterday. Call me you big stud. This vixen wants to rope Ya for a hayride.

  49. You all heard Big Daddy, get up off your fat slobby lazy asses and POUND THE PAVEMENT


  50. That big daddy hit the nail right on the head. cut it all off. no more welfare benefits for the lazy, picky, fat idiots. kudos

  51. you sound hot diva, wanna ride the hobby horse?


  53. Hey Big Daddy, I sure am glad the Sand Fleas are not on here today.

    Maybe they all got shippid back to Taco City

    !~!~just saying,


  54. While is was sitting there taking a big ass shit I thought of an idea for some of you lazy whiners.
    You could go around to peoples houses and offer to scrub their toilets and pick up some chump change.

  55. I want you big daddy.

  56. Hobo up fools, no more benefits for ya all. I'm a big Country Cowboy that will rope all those ya all benefits and stuff em in your ass. Git to work ya all lazy fat cowboys.

  57. Ohhh Country Carl, Are you a real Cowboy??? Can I ride your horse sometime and have a picnic with you on the range.

  58. You're all asswholes...find an idiot asswhole chat room to sport your lack of intelligence.

  59. Someone is going to these sites and posting under my name. It is not me. I am a 99er and it is not me. It even happened on facebook and I got a warning. I ask you all to please if you see these messages against the 99ers and unemployed, please post a message that it is not me.

  60. also just wanted to say. Flush the tier 5 even though I am a 99er. Time to get back to work people.

  61. Anonymous 240, learn to spell and quit being a idiot. No more tiers are coming, get to work.

  62. I pray every hour that the Tier 5 extension will pass. Myself, family members and friends are struggling soooo hard right now, even the families I know that have one person that has a good job and the other is out of work. At this time of need we are lucky to have those family and friends to bounce ideas off or just there to give an ear. I even find myself walking up in the morning with my hands folded together. I really hope congress hears our prays.

  63. Who in the hell is this Barbara?! What a numb nuts. Go back to the rock you crawled from. You sound like a Government leach. It should be, Barbara99leach-GA

  64. Never in the history of our country has congress abandoned our unemployed. Let's remember where it's coming from. There will be payback.

  65. Anonymous 449, Congress hears your prayers alright. They are smart enough to know, that giving another tier of benefits will promote people like you to fold your hands all day and not look for work. Quit your sob story and make it happen. The economy is starting to make a slow recovery. Congress is on the right track people. Good luck

  66. Anonymous 457, Congress hasn't abandoned your lazy butt. They just figure by granting extension after extension promotes people like you and anonymous 459 to fold your hands all day. Get to work. No more entitlements are coming Jack.

  67. Let's quit talking and try to do something about it. Go to and join in.

  68. That is not the real Barbara99er-GA posting above, but an impostor/troll trying to cause trouble.

  69. More comments using my name. That is really low. Most people know that it is not me. I can't believe you are afraid to use your own name.

  70. Mrs. Charlene DavisNovember 26, 2010 at 6:05 PM

    It is about to become reality that you 2 year vacationers are finally going to have to get a job like it or not. The good times lying around watching tv all day are about over. You lazy people have put a big financial burden on the Goverment in which you should be made to pay it back.

  71. All of u well to doers can kiss us 99ers behind
    What comes around goes aroung and the day u lose your job maybe there wont be any unemployment. Are u capable of landing a job when 500 people show up for 1 opening? Didn't think so. You can shove your money where the sun don't shine. Citizens of America are suppose to stick together. But what I have read of your comments you are nothing but a bunch of asses!!!!!!!

  72. First of all lol the guy saying he had a cruise party with the ldrship is a lie :) they are ppl that have no life and one day i promise u will be in the same boat as we ignore the idiots that post negative remarks keep looking up there gonna pass the tier V

  73. Mrs. Charlene DavisNovember 26, 2010 at 7:34 PM

    Who said anything about well to doers? You did get the doers part right, most of us doers are go-getters that work for our money instead of being a suckling to the Goverment.
    Your 500 to 1 ratio is just an excuse that has spread like an epidemic. Damn, just get a job and quit being such whimps and we can stick together.

  74. Mrs. Charlene DavisNovember 26, 2010 at 7:47 PM

    @ Anonymous 7:24,

    Would it not be so much easier for you to get off web-sites like these and up off of your lazy ass and get a job instead of concentrating your efforts for a tier V that is never going to happen. What has happened to you peoples loyalty to the Goverment, they owe you nothing. Were you not raised to earn your money instead of stealing from the Goverment? You people never post comments sharing ideas on where to get a job, it is always how are we going to get a tier V which is sickening.

  75. Does anyone know about planned rally to extend unemployment insurance? I have seen a few coments about it.

  76. Get a job ? Where are the frickin jobs at Idiots? Maybe we can get a job wiping the rich people's behinds after they went to the bathroom all over us? There are no jobs you damn smart asses

  77. all you lazy, fat, nigger 99ers go pound the pavement and get a job. you niggers make me vomit.

    Big Daddy

  78. I managed to get a website launched and start my own web based business when I lost my job. I got lucky. Barely got it done before my benefits were exhausted, mind you. I am going back to school this spring and I'm 42.
    Good luck finding a job because there are none. I got spat on by nice decent folks like Mrs. Davis at every turn. My friends stopped coming by. People in church stopped speaking to me. My family was the only group that remained unchanged. All of a sudden it was like I was some street urchin. I got through(so far) and though I am scraping by I am no longer on unemployment. I just got lucky and made a couple of good decisions. Otherwise, I would have been very, very screwed. Unfortunately folks, your government seems to side with the nice folks like Mrs. Davis.
    Here's some food for thought...just a personal observation. The Republicans screwed us so we elected democrats. Then, the Democrats screwed us so we re-elect the Republicans. The common denominators are: Republicans, Democrats and screwed. You do the math.
    I feel so sorry for those who have nothing and have vowed to make sure that a two kids I know get something this year. Their mother's benefits run out on December 18th. Without another extension this woman and both of her kids will face the end of the eviction process some time in February. Sad. Very sad.

  79. ** Hey Anonymous @ 10:47 **

    Maybe your idea is not that bad, you could offer to clean Republican asses to make some money.

    Hey it is not our fault you decided to take a 2 year vacation.

  80. There's no frickin jobs. Jim Bob. Maybe after you and John Boy, get it on. You can stop going to the bathroom on the 99ers. Maybe you can get it on with your Republican friends in the mens toilet. You frickin fools are farting in our faces and it's bullcrap. Total bullcrap.

  81. November 26,2010 at 11:16---


    I want to meet you so I can take my 14 inch black cock and shove it up your ass;bet you would really enjoy that.

  82. YES, a Shopping Cart Becomes Housing Start

    Before anyones decides to Hobo UP and Ride the Rails, check out an EDAR, (Everyone Deserves a Roof). I did and I must say this Hobo Condo has everything except power and water.

    The EDAR, is a four-wheeled, tent-like home that’s designed to be waterproof, sturdy and mobile. Each unit is equipped with a mattress and a sleeping bag for comfort. An integral braking system keeps the unit from rolling away, and a padlock is included to prevent theft.

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    This also a big break for supermarkets and customers. I often find all the carts left are catawampus. Since I'm a 99ER and it is winter the EDAR is my new first choice before I HOBO UP on the Rail Highway in summer.

    Artist Country Carl dot com of the 99ers New Depression Blues Video, EDAR Video (Everyone Deserves a Roof)

  83. TO POST 7:13 AM. November 27th.

    You sound like the typical problem, sitting around on your lazy ass, abusing the food stamp program, not be loyal to your Goverment.
    Why don't you get a damn job and quit being a

  84. Glad to see no Sand-Fleas on here.
    Maybe they got deported back to Taco City.


  85. Hey Bitch Staci I just took a shit and a Tier v came out of my ass.

  86. Why not just go out and get a job instead of sitting around waiting for a handout. What has happened to you peoples loyalty to our Goverment?
    Have you ever seen a Mexican person living in the street or in a car? No, because they get up everyday and work. That is why we came here because there are plenty of jobs to be had.
    Unemployment Benefits are a good program if not abused. Nobody told you people to abuse the system and take a 2 year vacation and now you want more. No other words to describe it other than "the generation that put the Goverment in debt" due to lack of responsibility.


  88. I am a Rep but voted Dem two years ago, but the dems really blew it big time when they had the muscle and power to change but due to unqualified elected and appionted idiots they dropped the ball so bad that is so SAD and damaging that had lead to the present atmosphere. I guess I have no one to blame but myself and others that had this desperately mislead hope of the Dems! I only hope the Reps won't put the final nail into the coffin of USA!

  89. To all those @$$ out there that kept accussing the unemployed are lazy no good pan handlers, be very scared as this economy is headed down hill fast after this black friday! When the unemployed stopped spending due to the UI benefits expiration, you will soon become one of them! Imagine 2 million plus new poor that have no spending power but with a snow ball effect to further unemployment...? Remember when this all started when there are about 6% unemployment 2 years ago that grew to present days, do you think it will get better or worse? How long do you think you are down this sad road of unemployed. Just look at all the shops along main street USA and be scared, every other stores are closed!!!



  92. How's it feel American voters to vote for the same old thing in Washington and to called a Republican!It is a shame they would not pick you out of mud. America wake UP! ALL Unemployed stand together 34 weeks, 43 weeks 99ers whatever you better set an example for a BILL now before december recess to get passed or you will have nothing your own people who work now would sell you out in an economy with high unemployment numbers see how they blog against you on the sites. They need what is coming to them and it will the Republican party will see to that.

  93. Anyone ever noticed how bad them sand-fleas stink. Kinda like they have been curled up in an elephants asshole for months.
    Maybe when the dream act fails they will go back to taco city.

    whewwww rotten stinch

  94. None of you posted this little bit of info, so I will...

    This is how capitalism is designed to work - the rich get the good life and the rest of us suffer in the streets.

    All you people NEED to read up on your candidates and vote for change (not Obama change). Change will NOT come from either of the 2 major parties.

  95. Sure there are people taking advantage of the system. I never agreed with the welfare system, and i certainly dont take pride in receiving a check for nothing every wk. I was laid off like thousands of others in Boise. 10% unemployment. Im not a 99er, hope I never have to be, but no one here is hiring. I would rather be a 99er then homeless with a kid in 15 degree weather. To those hurting like me, with that lump in your belly that wont go away. I feel you. To those how arent even on uneployment benefits talking shit. Go ahead. I could honestly careless, its not up to you. They will pass extensions. Reps will get their Bush "give more to the rich" tax cuts, and the Dems will help the people. They have to. Theres just to many of us to ignore. Good luck everyone.

  96. This economic downturn is deliberate. they dont want you to make your house payments, they do not want you to have a job. They want your industry gone and you a complete slave poor people are easy to control. They are at war with YOU and your family. Been telling you people this since 2005. All the woes of this country have simple solutions but nothing will be done because they are at war with us all.

  97. hey big daddy, why don't you go back to fucking your mother and sister in your mommies trailer while your daddy pulls his little fat pud while he watches with a smile on his face.

  98. All these republican assholes are still going to have to walk among us. They want a war they will most likely get there fat fucked up throats cut for real. Fuck these builderburg war on the middle class UN-Godly special interest greedy fucking politicians and Bankers, They will get theirs, we don't live for ever so hell awaits them. Also there is so many crazies out there I believe they will get sent there early!!!!

  99. all you lazt fat slobby niggers mane me vomit. go out and get a job.

    Big Daddy

  100. all you lazy fat slob niggers make me vomit. go out and get a job.

    Big Daddy


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