Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meg Whitman Concession Speech [Concedes}

Meg Whitman's Concession speech as Meg Whitman Concedes to Jerry Brown was a sad, tearful event for her supporters. Meg Whitman asked her supporters to unite in order to change Sacramento, in order to change California for the better.

Meg Whitman self-funded what is likely the most expensive governor's race in history. She's a billionaire and former eBay CEO. She and fellow former female exec Carly Fiorina (HP) both were defeated by career politicians. Jerry Brown is California's former governor, and Barbara Boxer who defeated Carly Fiorina is the incumbent Senator.

Whitman has only been political since signing on as one of Mitt Romney's economic advisors during the 2008 elections. Romney lost to John McCain, who then lost to President Obama.

Teary eyed supporters of Meg Whitman noted at her concession speech that they hoped that, one day, a GOP female would become California's first woman governor.


  1. Public Empolyee Unions are being blamed by some for Meg Whitmans and Carley Fiorenas defeats,as if all public empoees are drones,carring out their evil masters commands. In the case of Whitman ,the choise was cut our own throats or vote for the Democrat. It seems that the republican are blaming all of the states woes on the unions.Prison guars and other state employees are easey targets. They can be scapegoated with no political backlash, as allways we were left to choose the best of the worst.

  2. As a California State employee,I have seen my monthly pay decreased by 50%.
    A 15% furlough,increased retirement and health care contributions ect. At the same time I am grateful,there are a multitude of Californians who are unemployed. According to Arnold and Meg,the answer to all of our states problems is to penalize us(state empolyees)further.If Meg had the courage to adress the real root of our dilemma,she may have stood a chance.
    Where have all of the Alexander Hamiltons gone?

  3. Next time Ms. Whitman ought to try showing some character, substance, and thoughtful policy rather than just throwing around money.

    Also, promising to fire tense of thousands of people in the midst of the greatest economic crisis in generations was probably not that great of an idea either.


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