Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Washington Election Results 2010: Dino Rossi vs Patty Murray [SENATE]

Washington State Election Results 2010: Dino Rossi vs Patty Murray [SENATE] The Washington State election results are not available yet, and may not be available for a few days. Dino Rossi is the GOP contender hoping to shake up a race with Patty Murray.

Washington is unique, as votes are processed by mail-in ballots only. As such, the process of tallying the results is not as simple as some locations with computerized voting or voting at the polls.

Patty Murray is the incumbent, and right now she's leading - although narrowly - over her opponent Dino Rossi.

The Democrats need to hold on to the state of Washington in the Senate to avoid any further losses. So far, several Senate races have gone red.

Below see a video about Washington Election results, Dino Rossi vs Patty Murray.

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