Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Megyn Kelly GQ Photos - Fox News becomes Foxy News?

Megyn Kelly's GQ photos are understandably drawing a lot of attention. After all, Kelly recently announced her second pregnancy. She's the female face of Fox News and she's had her share of the rumor mill. It all started with rumors that she was somehow involved with Brit Hume, the patriarch of the network - the affair allegations have long been denied by both Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume.

Instead of hiding behind her sexiness, Megyn Kelly is flaunting it. Before she sported her baby bump, she posed for a GQ spread that will be featured in the December issue of GQ.

Of course, some out there think that it's inappropriate for a female anchor to pose for provocative photos - after all, you aren't going to catch Barbara Walters baring it all for any publication any time soon.

The photo of Megyn Kelly's GQ spread can be seen on this post. Is it too much, or just the right amount of sexiness?


  1. I say if you have it flaunt it. Megyn is as hot as they come and you couldn't even put Barbara Walters in the same catagory.


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