Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars ABC DWTS

Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars ABC and DWTS are hot political topics today. Bristol Palin has been a polarizing contestant for the popular reality TV show. Last week, when she made it in to the semi-finals by beating out Brandy in the bottom two.

The conspiracy theories immediately ensued. Many of our reader comments pointed to many calls for a boycott of Dancing with the Stars.

The DWTS cast remaining includes Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey, and Bristol Palin. They are dancing for their judges ranking points, and will have an instant ChaChaChallenge.

Then, the mix of viewer votes will be added in to the mix - and we will find out our winner.

Will it be Bristol Palin? We are curious as well as you are. In all actuality, if she wins it will bring days of conspiracy theories and will bring a lot of talks of a right-wing conspiracy.

Stay tuned for more information on Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars ABC DWTS.

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