Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nevada Election Results 2010, Harry Reid Winner!

Nevada Election Results 2010, Harry Reid Wins! In Nevada, the state elections had not only a tough Senate race battle, but also a bitter battle for the governorship as well. Harry Reid was the winner of the Senate race, beating Tea Party backed Sharron Angle who was the GOP candidate.

However, Harry Reid's son, Rory Reid, lost his bid to become the governor of Nevada and instead Nevada elected a GOP governor who is not only a Republican but also the first Hispanic governor of Nevada.

The Speaker of the House was expected to lose the race, but was able to hold on to his job for at least one more term. One cannot help but wonder if this will be his last time to run.

Sharron Angle won the primary elections, and it was that move that could have sealed Reid's fate. Angle is seen by many as "far right" and therefore middle of the road Independents were more likely to vote for Reid.

What do you think of the Nevada Election Results 2010, Harry Reid winner?

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