Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010 South Carolina Election Results, Nikki Haley Wins!

South Carolina governor race 2010. The South Carolina gubernatorial race is historical, but not because a Tea Party favorite won, but because the first woman was elected to the office, despite massive scandals.

The South Carolina governorship isn't exactly scandal free in its past. Remember Gov. Sanford? He disappeared and end up having an affair with a Latin American woman. His woman didn't stand by his side.

Nikki Haley is the daughter of two Indian (not Native American, from India) parents. She's the first Indian American governor of South Carolina.

India is excited about Nikki Haley, so much that some Indian students have been quoted as stating that they want India to progress enough so that Americans want to move to India and run for office.

Congrats to Nikki Haley, the GOP Indian-American first female governor of South Carolina, who weeded through controversy to win the governor's seat.

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