Friday, November 12, 2010

Nissan Recall 2010

The Nissan Recall 2010 in November features the XTerra, Sentras, and Frontiers and deal with battery and steering defects. Many around the world are wondering if recalls, such as the Nissan Recall, are actually indicative of a decline in quality of vehicles or an increase in government oversight of automakers.

The recall affects 303,000 Frontiers, 283,000 Xterras and 18,500 Sentras that were sold between 2001-2010. The Sentra recall deals with battery issues, which could cause the car to stall. The other recalls deal with a steering column issue, which may cause corrosion in the lower joints. This may lead to cracked shafts.

The vehicles affected by the recall were sold in the US, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Canada. This makes it a "worldwide" recall, and since we handle a world of news we wanted to pass this on to our readers.

If you believe you have been impacted by the recall, contact your Nissan dealer.

What do you think of the 2010 November Nissan Recall?

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