Tuesday, November 9, 2010

[PHOTO] Megyn Kelly Pregnant Again?

Megyn Kelly pregnant again? Megyn Kelly gave birth to her first child in September of 2009, and she and her husband Doug Brunt are expecting their second child again. Megyn Kelly is pregnant again, and she announced that during yesterday's edition of "America Live."

Kelly took to Twitter and said that she had "big news" for the 2pm hour, and that you would only hear it on "America Live."

Everyone was wondering what the big news could be. Perhaps this was the best news of the day, far more interesting than everything else going on in the world.

Below you can see a video clip of Megyn Kelly's announcement that she is pregnant. It was yesterday's big baby bump announcement yesterday and it was well received by fans.

What do you think of Megyn Kelly Pregnant headlines?

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