Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Politics: Unemployment Extension, Tier 5, Job Creation,

The unemployment extension aka Tier 5 isn't available, and although Congress will reconvene in less than a week, the Tier 4 unemployment extension and job creation isn't first and foremost on the minds of those in Congress.

Why not?

Probably because all the wealthy people who donated to the campaigns of the lawmakers are concerned about the expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts, which would send tax revenues skyrocketing.

However, the new administration promised in the "Pledge to America" that the tax cuts would be extended to all - not just the middle class.

The standoff could end soon between the Democrats and Republicans, as Democrats could trade lowering government spending to extend unemployment benefits that are expiring at the end of the month.

Perhaps if the Democrats give the Republicans the Bush Tax Cuts extension, they will get the Tier 5 in return?

Wishful thinking.

What do you think? Are the priorities in Washington going to change? Do you think the new administration will bring the Tier 5 unemployment extension?


  1. Bunch of goddam rotten SOBs that I would like to put in a fire pit and burn the shit out of them
    no tier 5 we cannot survive F UCK THEM ALL!

  2. Oh get a job looser

  3. @ 9:54 Post- Oh GET A LIFE AZZHOLE!.. We don't need ppl like you posting negative comments! ...If there were jobs, we wouldn't be up here! ....& If your employed, neither should you!...Now go else where with your ignorant Azz!

  4. WE have been trying to get jobs but there are really no jobs out there. For every job you apply to there are 7 other people that are applying for the same job. So it is easy for someone who has a job to get a job but it is really not that easy. I come from a small town and not even the McDonalds here is hiring so that tells you how little jobs are here. So before people judge others that are really trying to find work think about if it was you!! Just sayin....


    Stealing from AMERICANS MUST STOP.

    SCAMMING the voters by saying that YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY MUST BE CUT to bring down the deficit IS A RIP-OFF.


  6. oh get a job looser? seriously? how about u get a life or even better a clue. I am not unemployed but if i was i would be on my 3rd extension. I know first hand how hard it is to find a job, to walk down the street day by day looking for a job cause i have no car or phone, it was scary to say the least. There was times i couldn't eat just so i had five or ten bucks for the following day to aid in my job hunting, and a job should never come before your health, but it did many times for me. And i cant stand these trolls that feel the need to bash the unemployed. THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH JOBS FOR EVERYONE WHICH MEANS PEOPLE ARE GOING TO SUFFER!!! Is it that hard to understand, and yes im sure there are some people that are taking advantage of the system but that happens with everything. There are people abusing there prescription drugs and really dont need them, so lets stop health care. There are people that lie when it comes to taxes just so they get a bigger return, so lets stop tax returns. There are people abusing the rules of the road so no more cars for anyone. Oh wait that's not fair, well neither is making the unemployed suffer. Once there ARE enough jobs out there then we can talk about not needing to help these familys who are unemployed but until then we need to help our brothers and sisters and be a nation united not a nation divided which is whats happening. GOD BLESS

  7. The math says it all. People making villains out of long term unemployed must have failed math. I wish people focus that anger or whatever causes people to put down victims of Wallstreet and CEO greed. If there where enough jobs to to help many of the long termed UI we have seen a drop in the UI rate the last 2 years. It's simple folks. Jobs lost way above jobs created the last 2 years since 08 crash. Now if people want to vent and get angry don't at 99ers. Get angry at the Congress who thinks with a deficit it's okay to send billions to other countries including ones who hate us. That is what should be held up over how do we pay for it. We help other countries year after year but tell our own people in America you rate 99 weeks? Why I don't see the same time limit on foreign aid help? If going to have a double standard put America first and other countries can have time limits. How about other countries get zero period since we cannot afford it? I am angry every time I see we gave billions to another country in the news. That no one even questions that money being given away.

  8. To Anonymous who can't spell: Assume you are employed, and as an employed American, one would think you were educated enough to spell correctly. Loser, NOT looser. Those of us who are unemployed have to wonder how you still have a job if you can't even spell.

  9. I've learned during this crisis that there are a lot of D-Bags in this country!! We have lost our Humanity here in America and we will be punished accordingly! I have not given up, My family and I will survive, but I truly believe that we are very far away if not hopelessly far away from this Country being even a fraction of the Country we should be! "VERY SAD" :(

  10. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. There are jobs out there, but not enough to cover everyone and also you have realize that companies are not paying what the used to, so you have to live within your means. As far as our government, they are a bunch of crooks, sorry but it is a fact! Extending tax cuts, fine extend them, but what good is it going to do if so many people are out of work? I understand that we cannot keep extending unemployment, but the obvious thing is there are very few jobs and until we see signs that we are recovering and jobs are coming back at a steady pace, well we need to take care of our own, not is completely unAmerican and the sad part is that these politicians have there own personal agendas and not representing the people. unfortunately my prediction is if they do not pass the extension and they just bumble around, there will be a major public backlash and we will sink into a much worse depression. I do not care what the figures show now, we are in a depression not a recession!

  11. The fact that the Democratic-controlled congress did not vote a budget which included a Tier 5 Extension before they adjourned before the elections is a sure sign that they used this as a political football with the 99ers to see where their sympathies were, and allowed those whose unemployment expired during the course of the month to dangle without the Tier 5 voted into law. Had they been serious about getting the long-term unemployed some help, they could have gone along with the Republicans' request that any extension provided be drawn from the TARP funds. In this manner, any continued benefits will not affect the existing federal budget. The TARP has tens of billions of unused funds available for such programs, and it would have made sense for congress to have passed a Tier 5 for the increasing numbers of 99ers who have been left hanging on their own for a year now. The fact that nothing was done speaks volumes as to how serious these congressmen and senators are about helping the long term unemployed. Action speaks louder than words, and the Democratic response to the Republican's request speaks louder than any claims they have made thus far. On November 2nd 2010 the American electorate showed its displeasure at the ballot box and laid off a record number of these two-bit politicians.

  12. tell the officials to lick my nuts , lousy s.o.b.s , terminate all there jobs !

  13. Putting all negativity aside we do need a tier 5. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it will stimulate the economy during the holiday season and it will create more jobs on the business front.
    I won't hold my breath on it as congress have their own agenda and it's not "We the People". Sad to see so many lose their vehicles and homes, nevermind putting food on the table. It's just so wrong what has happen to America and its only gonna get worse.

  14. You make it sound as if the Dem's care about giving us a Tier 5 - Are you idiots dense. With the total majority that they enjoyed to screw up our economy they could have easily passed a tier 5 already. They don't care about us. They will never experience the struggles we go thru on a daily basis. So get real.

  15. Trickle down economics was a conspiracy against the middle class. The only solution is trickle up. Workers need a bigger piece of the pie so they can spend more and the poor need more to survive. Nothing works better to get people off unemployment than a job that pays a decent wage. People cannot survive at a minimum wage job or unemployment. So money has to be redistributed to the middle class and poor, fair or not, or the game is over. Employment will not get better until the majority of people have more money to spend--not a few with all the cash. Extend unemployment and raise taxes on the rich is the best answer for now.

  16. OK, so what do we do about it?

  17. If they dont pass an extension, then we should get organized, all 20million of us!!

  18. What got us out of the “Great Depression” was World War II. There was a remarkable decrease in the population because our men & women died overseas. Also, the war created more jobs. The government is not admitting it but we are in a “Great Depression” & I truly believe that by ending all Tiers of Unemployment in the very near future is the governments way of decreasing the population so there will be more jobs to go around & correct the economy. They are truly condeming these poor people to death because they will not be able to collect Unemployment Insurance on any future Tier. We are the laughing stock of all other countries who know how to care for their poor. “Shame On You Washington For Condeming These Poor People To Death”. President Obama: Where are you on this ????, you have the power to correct this. Please stop killing Americans this way. Living on the street is a horrible death to endure. Stop the madness Washington !!! There are no jobs because the percentage of Unemployment Insurance has reached record levels in most states. People cannot find work for this reason. Please allow us to live !!!

  19. Pas the damn tier 5 - what does it take to make the Government understand????? We need it now!!!

  20. If it's true that they are sentencing us to death on the streets then are we just gonna lay down and let them?


    All you have to do-------is call the Members of Congress ( night and day) and bug the shit out of them to pass the Tier V Extension.


    Meanwhile you spend time writing dribbling non sensical comments on WEB Sites.


    Otherwise, go out and look for an entry level position to compensate for the time you have wasted on this WEB Site!!!!!

  22. tier 5 definately needs to be passed. i have been unemployed since 09 and have being looking since and i still have not found a job... how frastracting is that? .... its been very tough .I hope this economy will turn around for the better soon..so each and every one can get back to normal...... congress please do something.... this is america....

  23. "Extend unemployment AND raise taxes on the rich IS the best answer for now"...

    that really does sum it up...

    why should the rich not have to pay higher taxes (3%) !!!??

    remember people, the bush tax cuts were only temporary! THAT WAS THE DEAL...

    but now the rich republicans want "an extension" JUST like the struggling victims of the wallstreet scam want an "extension"...

    no extension for our survival?, then NO extension for the rich!... PERIOD!

  24. The government knows how to create jobs. Tax china 25% for exports, tax USA Companies 25% for buying product out of the USA, in one year our debt will be paid off, companies will come back to the USA TO AVOID THE TAX. But they wont even talk about this because the lobbiest wont fund their campaigns. This why we can never get better. this is the only answer. DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2012!

  25. Fuck all them bastards i wish death on all them fukers family if this was the good ole days each one of the fukers would have there head blown the off by now but america has become a bunch of pussys sucker up to these fukers . I bet if these fukers start dropping dead shit would change D.C sniper we need u back

  26. Come on enough of the bullshit. I know just in the circle of my friends several people that are abusing the unemployment. Many people are claiming dependents that don't live with them and are getting paid more stting on their asses than if they were working. Not much incentive to work is there? Most jobs in this area pay $8.25/hour. Can't live much of a life on that can you? Fuck the GOP the rich bastards will fuck us all just wait and see. There will be no more extensions and the voters just fucked themselves happens all the time.


    Lettuce pickers needed:
    you will ride Big Daddys Work Wagon out to the lettuce fields and Diva will pass out lollipops to keep you whiners from whining.

    FREE LUNCH provided, bologna made out of chicken peckers and rooster lips.

    Diva will be posting information on how to apply
    "must have some lettuce picking experience"

    Big Daddy

  28. Congress had a year to pass a Tier 5 and draw the money from the TARP so they wouldn't add to the federal deficit (what the Republicans proposed), but it didn't. The American people, thrity-two percent of which have been either long term unemployed or underemployed holding two minimum wage jobs, knew this and handed sixty-three of them a pink slip on November 2nd. The reality is that most of those who serve from either party have been detached from Joe six pack out in America, and haven't a clue as to what to do to get US out of this depression.

  29. 99er New Depression Blues Video (youtube)
    Dejected after the election, 99ers like myself are Getting Ready to HOBO UP with the new TEA PARTY GOP House!
    We desperately need a new Tier 5 Extended Unemployment Benefits Bill or there will be a Hobo Up Generation
    for future 99ers and others in the street. During 1934 a million and half Hobos rode the rails and in 2011
    we 99ers will need a new Government HOBO Program for 5 millions 99ers out of benefits thanks to the GOP
    House. The Hobo UP program can teach us to ride the freight rails safely when migrating for work . The
    House can call the low buck training film with class (1 day) and related laws the HOBO UP ACT. The Bill
    can have old hobos showing the ropes to us newly minted hobos which should be a bill that finally finds
    support from the controlling GOP House. Mercy has never been on their agenda. Mitch McConnell was quoted
    in the national journal "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a
    one-term president". Yes,the GOP Leading Senator from Kentucky has no problem derailing the recovery every
    way possible in hopes of political gains two years from now. From Artist Country Carl dot com
    singer of the 99ers New Depression Blues, on YouTube hopefully you too won’t have to HOBO UP.
    Feel Free To Link UP To The 99er New Depression Blues Video

  30. accepting applications for experienced blower must work well on knees and must work day and night to make me my money

  31. The fact is that your average congressman or senator "earns" a six figure salary, has all expenses paid for, enjoys kickbacks and perks from business, industries, big labor, and various political action committees, does not pay into Social Security, and enjoys medical care we will never see in our lifetime regardless of what Big Daddy O and the Diva tell you. And this is irrespective of party, because Big Daddy O was sitting on 975 million dollars in campaign funds when he was elected in 2008, which had he really been serious about wealth redistribution as he claimed, he would have given every family in this country over a million dollars instead of voting for the bailout of the big banks and brokerage firms and his rich friends who bankrolled his political career and rise to the Oval Office.
    The truth is most of your politicians, unless they are from the middle class and are freshmen, and have held real jobs, or been unemployed at one time or another in their life; will have little in common with the people who've elected them to office regardless of political party.
    Some of the richest politicians are the most spoiled and corrupt, like John Kerry (D. Mass), who registered his yacht in another state so he wouldn't pay his state's taxes on it. Now I ask you, who among US owns a yacht and pays for its registration, the license to sail it, and its maintenance fees?)
    And these are the people we expect to represent US and help US when the chips are down?

  32. You see, it is easy for these elites to redistribute other people's wealth, that is, other people's, not theirs. This is why Big Daddy O, who was sitting on a 975 million dollar war chest for his presidential campaign, did nothing with it to help alleviate the American electorate who put him in office.
    Had he given every family a portion of this free money (it didn't cost him a cent, and he did not and has not paid taxes on it until this day); we would not be in this Depression right now; a Depression he and his minions in the media call a "jobless recovery."
    The money would have been invested and put right back into the economy and there would be a real recovery, and not a Depression at this time.
    Sure he likes redistributing wealth, as long as it's not his.
    I've alway dispised the duplicitous nature of these Coka Cola Marxists (like Michael Moore) who love to live in the lap of luxury here in America insteading of the Socialist "paradises" like Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Viet Nam, and North Korea they laud.

  33. For the A-Hole who wrote that we are all A-Holes, I am home because I have only been able to get a part time job driving a school bus and I am in between runs. Why are you on this site? Are you at work?? GOOFING OFF? Someday you may be unemployed too!

  34. The healthcare reform bill they voted for is not the medical care they receive, though during his campaign in 2008, Big Daddy O promised he would pass healthcare legislation on par with that of pubic officials serving in congress; a promise he had no intention of keeping, and which neither he or his former colleagues in the senate and their counterparts in the house had any intention of making a reality.
    The healthcare reform bill - what some call Obamacare - is even worst than its detractors projected, and will cost countless numbers in jobs; with increasing both the cost of medical care and the cost of premiums on the middle class to skyrocket beyond anything they had previously known.
    A good many of the pharmaceutical companies were for it behind the scenes, as was AARP, because they stand to benefit enormously with higher premiums and TCO (total cost of ownership) on the consumer, who always is the one who pays the most and is hurt the most by these mounting costs.
    No one's salary was augmented to compensate for the increase in the cost of coverage, and the exponential rise in premiums, and the insurance companies, like the politicians who passed it, don't care. Neither the polticians or the insurance companies will have to pay; the consumer needing critical care will.
    This is the reality of healthcare reform, and there is much more waiting in the wings. It is a piece of legislation that should not have been passed, especially in the manner it did, and those who voted for it got their just rewards. They got the pink slip.
    Yet, it will be the job of those who have replaced them to repeal this monstrosity when they convene next year, or suffer the same consequences as their predecessors.
    The 2012 elections will be a referendum on every piece of legislation and every policy promoted by this administration, just as the midterms were about what was served on America's plate the previous two years.

  35. Pepster, You really believe your own hype, dont ya? Not everybody has the same opportunities in life! I don't care what anyone says! Families circumstances play the biggest role in how well their kids do in school and whether or not they go to college. Some people have big obstacles to overcome to try to become succesful. You know as well as I do that 99% of the time it's Who you know!

  36. Also, and what If you don't become rich and succesful? Firing squad? Hanging? or just let everyone who isn't rich or succesful just die from overexposure to the elements or starve to death? WHERE IS OUR HUMANITY?

  37. People who voted Republican just because they wanted to "punish" Obama and the Dems are just showing how "STUPID" They are. I'm not in love with Obama either! He has no cajones!! If he had passed healthcare with a Public Option included, and not let the repubs squash everything he tried to do, by Parliamentry rule if necessary then the Dems would still have control of the house too! All the Repubs are still gonna do is "OBSTRUCT" until 2012.... What a Waste!!!

  38. Cap and Trade is another boondoggle that would not have passed a generation ago, yet almost passed into law during the last session.
    And if the public really knew what these politicians want to do, they would not allow it to even come for a vote, let alone be taken serious by any thinking person.
    THE VERY PREMISE OF WHAT THEY WANT TO DO TO YOU IS SO LUDICROUS that they don't expect you to take it serious, though they are very serious about passing it into law, because it will be the most underhanded method of wealth redistribution through global climate taxation from "wealthy western nations" to "poor third world nations" ever conceived in human history, and they have even industry behind them as well, as the entertainment industry and academia, because they will all get a piece of this pie through their endowments and not for profit groups via their elected officials and government agencies. The corruption in this is unprecedented in the history of this country. There is nothing like it. And few there are who are even remotely aware of the players, movers and shakers behind the scenes promoting the "green agenda."
    Only the very naive and self-deceived at this stage believe it is about "saving the planet."
    Thus, we see another scheme to scam great populations and nations out of the wealth of their production and redistributed to organizations, individuals, and nation states who will be the beneficiaries of our politicians' duplicitous and treasonous acts to promote their New World Order.

  39. To all the 99ers it is evident that Tier 5 will
    be passed at the last minute before the Tier 4
    expires. The truth is they couldn't touch this
    before the election. They didn't want the unemployment numbers to show the additional 5
    million people on unemployment it is bad press,
    and would put more focus on the current adminstration. Now that it's over he will have
    the seasonal workers on the employment roles
    for UPS and retail stores. The extra million
    jobs for the Holiday season will last until
    December 31 2010. The Numbers will look better
    in January. The will pass the Tier five but I am
    not sure if the 99ers will be included. Take
    proactive measures and reopen a unemployment
    claim if you can ! The more people applying every week the better chance you will be counted, and have a shot at getting an extension. Good Luck ! and may God be with all
    of the unemployed.

  40. This is more than Democrats versus Republicans; it's a shell game. If it hadn't been, they would have voted for a budget that included a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension for the suffering 99ers and drawn the funds from the TARP without touching the federal budget.
    There are still hundreds of millions of dollars untouched in the TARP some of which they can put to good use by extending the unemmployment benefits for these suffering people.
    Regardless of what they would have US believe that they're on our side, and that they are really concerned about our plight, their inaction, or rather actions, even in the face of our suffering, and with the opportunity to have enacted a Teir 5 Extension for US before they adjourned prior to November 2nd speaks volumes as to whether really care at all about our plight. Their cynicism was quite evident in their desire to go home and campaign rather than doing the right thing for those they claimed they represented and were out to help.
    These are the same people who voted to use our tax dollars to bail out the banks and the rich who diverted two hundred fifty billion dollars to offshore accounts which to this day is unaccounted for.
    What this last congress did to US is detestable, and they deserved to be thrown out. Not enough of them were thrown out however, because Barbara Boxer (D. Cal) and Harry Reid (D. Nev) returned to continue their shinanigans.
    One could write books about the corruption behind their reelection efforts, and their activities leading up to the midterm elections.

  41. Get a job, is this person kidding. I am 57. I have been trying for almost a year now. Lost my house of 22 years, my health insurance. I go hungry most days so my 16 year old has enough to eat. I have an abscessed tooth I am enduring because there is no money. If the extension is not approved this month we very well may be in a homeless shelter. I can't even get a part-time minimum wage job because I am either too old or they are afraid I will quit the moment I can get a better job. Yeah right, get a job !!

  42. URGENT MESSAGE TO 99er's:

    Please send your comments to the White House web-site below which will mail your message directly to President Obama:


    It is called an "Organization Contact Form".

    There is a telephone # to call the White House to speak to a live Operator who will write down your message to the President but I feel filling out the form above is much better because you have a receipt.

    Stop chatting on these web-sites & go to the White House web-site listed above. Your voice will be heard officially.

    Good Luck 99er's !

  43. What ever happened to "United We Stand, Divided We Fall and if our Backs Should Ever be against the Wall, We'll be Together, Together You and I"????????? What has happened to our Country???? Instead of everyone working together it's become a cut throat game. Families are falling apart, people are losing everything that they have worked for their whole lives...... Why??? For What????? Power????? Please pass the Tier V Extension.... I have worked and paid taxes since I was 15 years old... I am close to 50 and I am not only a Legal Secretary but I am a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist. I put myself through School, with no aid from the Government. I have never collected Welfare and raised three children on my own with no child support... I sent resume's daily with barely any response....most of the time I hear that I am too qualified...WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I want is a job..... Is that too much to ask for?????????

  44. Nothing will change until we as a people 5 million strong take this into the streets of America and let those bastards in DC deal with the really pissed off American and let whatever happens happen. There is no more dangerous animal on the planet than a man or woman who has nothing else left to loose.
    Think about it.

  45. I just read this idiots post on another site can you believe this idiot!!!!!!!


    Rich says:
    November 10, 2010 at 2:43 pm
    The shocking thing about these 99ers is that they believe that they are entitled to steal taxpayers money because they DON’T work and make threats like the author of this article has just done. No more, these are the people destroying the country and the civilized world. Is this an admission of stupidity or incompetence from the 99ers or is it a declaration of war by anarchists posing as 99ers? This is insanity, go find a way to make a living and if you try to do it illegally you will get locked up in tent cities if need be. We have laws in this country and we have the ability to enforce them. We the people who run this country by paying the bills are done with this band of communist losers.

  46. Rich I think you have said all that needs to be said. And you did it well. Some one had to say it.

  47. I beleive all extensions and tier 5 will pass, this will help the republicans because the true unemployment numbers will come out and make the democrats and Obama will look bad, remember their goal is to get obama out.

  48. EMPLOYED BEWARE YOUR NEXTNovember 10, 2010 at 2:22 PM

    My fellow unemployed, this is how you find a job. Put at or near the top of your resume you will work for 25% less then the employee you would replace, and for 2 weeks for free to prove yourself. It works, I now have a job using this after 14 months laid off. My neighbor used the same approach and has a job now. Go after THAT job! This works for companies not even hiring. They can replace their weakest link and save money.NOW GO OUT AND TAKE AN AMERICANS JOB, AFTER ALL WE ARE BUMS

  49. End the Bullshit War and there will be money for everyone

  50. Just read this from another blog:

    "My calls this week to the Senate offices of several co-authors of S3706 all had the same result. “The Americans Want to Work Act (S3706) is not scheduled to come to the floor for a vote during the remainder of this session and not likely to ever be considered even next year.”

    Personal visits yesterday to the San Diego offices of CA Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstien (on behalf of the 99er community) met the same result. This is an outrage!"

    really bummed.

  51. E-mail your elected, or newly elected representative, and explain to him/her your personal situation. Not all stories are the same. Some long of the long term unemployed were looking for work when the current Depression hit, and others had either taken a new job from which they were laid off, or as in my case, had resigned from an old one, was in the process of finding a new one, and were in an accident which left them disabled, and unavailable for work for the forseeable future.
    Ironically, had I made a full recover by year's end I would have begun a new job with Tiffany's in a level 3 desktop support position, but because I had to be operated on a second, and then a third time, I was unavailable for work at the time, and when I began to look for work in earnest the next year, the Depression hit.
    This is why I would counsel that each person contacting their elected official write to them their unique story, because each story varies, just as the severity of each person's suffering varies, but nevertheless, is just as every bit important. Let them know your reality, and how you feel about it.

  52. I’ll bet most of you critics have jobs. I’d love to see you unemployed for about a year or even become a 99er. You would change your opinion then. I know a several unemployed people. Most are college educated and are busting their butts to find work. If you haven’t been there shut up. And for you guys with the trash mouth……..go back to school and learn some new words. That kind of language make you look ignorant and nobody take an ignorant person seriously.

  53. Anonymous, while your experience is differnt than mine, I empathize with your angst and the unfortunate situation you find yourself in. It is poor consolation for you to read about mine or anyone else's on this list, though one could take some comfort that he/she is not alone in his/her suffering.
    Because the party machineries throughout the country control who gets elected to public office, and it is not what you know but who you know, how extensive your network is, and how much money you have in your coffers to run against your opponent's machinery, and at times against an unsympathetic press; there is little or no chance that average people like those on this list - people who've been in the trenches, people who've worked for forty years and then lost everything, people who know what it is to live from paycheck to paycheck - it is highly unlikely that people such as these could ever be elected to public office. But that is the reality today, and unfortunately there is no guarantee that the person you are trying to reach will be sympathetic or helpful.
    But, if enough of the long term unemployed - the 99ers - form a sizable voting block; there is a very good chance they will not be ignored by their elected officials or by the press.
    I am of the opinion that the press has ignored the plight of the long term unemployed because it might make Big Daddy O appear that his policies are not working for America, and they won't help his opposition if they thought this would be used by them to make him a one term president.
    This is why when Reagan was president, every night the alphabet soup channels never failed to rail against the adminstration and the unemployment figures of Reagan's first two years in office.
    Amazing contrast what political bias can do to one's judgment and the corrosive affects it can have on the plight of the unreported or under-reported untold tens of millions suffering currently. Amazing.

  54. URGENT MESSAGE TO 99er's:

    Please send your comments to the White House web-site below which will mail your message directly to President Obama:


    It is called an "Organization Contact Form".

  55. OhBamba is too busy rubbing elbows with Muslims..

    Well I guess he's required to report back to the mother ship every now and then!


  56. I feel like most of the idiots that voted the party of (no) back in should lose there jobs to us the smarter group. if they dont pass a tier v look out bitches. yo momma wont even be safe. wake up congress your ass is on the hot seat.and us the unemployed will make you burn baby burn.

  57. I'm signing off friends, but know that my heart is with you, and I understand what you are going through.
    Watch Glenn Beck every day at 5:00 PM. He's naming the movers and shakers behind the scenes, and he's presenting a whole new paradine from the usual Left versus Right/ Democrat versus Republican. Listen very closely to him, and verify for yourselves what he is reporting to you. There are organizations and people behind them who do not want US to know what they are up to, but thanks to the Internet, talk radio, the free press, and more; the information is getting out, and the American electorate is no longer missinformed and asleep.
    Hang in there, persevere, and do not give up. There are people counting on you, who love you, whom you love. They are the ones who matter. There are enough good people in this country to make a difference, and G-d willing they will. Blessings to everyone here. Goodbye friends.
    The Pepster

  58. Why don't you girls quit your whining. There is a job waiting for you on most any city street corner and you know it.

    And for you fat slob men, if you ask nicely and you think you can pick lettuce without whining

    Big Daddys Work Wagon is hiring
    but if all your going to do is whine about living off the Goverments money don't waste Big Daddys time


  59. If all the just were not sent over seas we would
    not be talking at about unemployment.

  60. business is good on that corner huh, Diva? i heard u give great head there. your job is surely secure !

  61. Says to 9:02 Post,

    To bad you will never find out~

    Now get up off your slobby ass and get a job.

    Try,, "Big Daddys Work Wagon"
    can you pick lettuce?

    Big Daddy even provides free lunch.
    Spicy Bologna made from Chicken Peckers
    and Rooster Lips. Yum Yum for You


  62. URGENT MESSAGE TO 99er's:

    Please send your comments to the White House web-site below which will mail your message directly to President Obama:


    It is called an "Organization Contact Form".

  63. The Bush Tax cut expiration is now juxtaposed against the deficit commission, however there seems to be little connection between the issues by the political class.

    Please read my blog:


    Wade Dokken
    President, WealthVest

  64. make them take a pay cut

  65. Experts say 120,000 people left Ireland last year, how many Irish should leave the USA for work in 2011?

    HOBO UP……Foxy TAX CUTS for the RICH and
    BOX CARS for US.

    Kick off Hobo Stew (Mulligan Stew) for Thanksgiving – Get your HOBO UP game down!

    Have all your family and guests be involved. Make it a cooperative effort where each person contributed a separate ingredient to it. This improvised dish was the main stay of the American Hobo camps. Mulligan Stew first appeared in print in The Yukon Midnight Sun in 1904.

    Ask any Hobo about economics and they say a good can opener and a water proof flint box is essential. These will be provided by the 2011 GOP TEA PARTY house.

    This holiday season, expect congress to depart without passing any unemployment tier extensions. The launch for the next hobo generation of 5 million begins before Christmas.

    Prefect your Hobo Up skill set….
    campfire (Foil Dinner) over coals adding in leftovers. Use your flint box and no lighter fluid. Remember the fire coals must be on the ground not in a barbecue.

    •Build fire with wood
    •Clean potatoes and slice potatoes
    •Clean and peel carrots
    •dice onions and peppers into about ¼” pieces
    •Spread butter on foil
    •Crumble ground beef into small pieces and spread out above potatoes
    •add in leftovers
    •Sprinkle seasoning

    Some Happy Holiday – Hopefully you too won’t have to HOBO UP!
    99er Country Carl, Artist of the ”99ER New Depression Blues” Video – youtube -

  66. i am a 99er i have been without a job for two and a half years now and congress is not going to do anything without the Bush tax cuts is there any hope left?

    i have been paid four times by this site it is legit

    They payout is on the 15th and the 30th of each month

    I have been a member for over a year and I have made money

    after reading a few reviews I have noticed a few discrepancies when you join the site
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    here is a receipt for a fifty dollar payment i received to my paypal account

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