Sunday, November 14, 2010

Politics: Unemployment Extensions, 99ers, Tier 5, & The Freshmen

Politics: Unemployment benefits Extensions, 99ers, Tier 5, & The Freshmen.  The Freshmen congressmen and women are getting orientated to their new jobs.  The unemployment extension is far from their minds, as they get their "Congressional Blackberries" (paid for by American taxpayers - many of whom can't afford their own Blackberry) choosing their offices, and hiring their staff. 

Perhaps the unemployment extension is on the minds of the congressmen and women who were voted out of office - but mainly because they, too are without jobs - as are all the people that worked for them. 

However what remains uncertain is if those in office will care enough to pass the current benefits extension for the 99ers - after all, there are so many things to work out in the lame duck session. 

It was not wise to extend the unemployment extension to November 30 - it should have been extended until one month after the new politicians took office, so they could get in, get settled, and then pass the emergency extensions. 

Even the president is quiet about the extensions. 

Hopefully Congress's freshmen and women will think about the unemployment extension and pass it because America needs it. 


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  3. US money is flooding in across Afghanistan to build roads, dig wells, collect rubbish and renovate mosques.

    Too bad our gov doesn't do same thing in America for it own people and it's needs here. We have plenty of infrastructure problems.

    In Iraq they have oil yet we paid the bills and I never here we will be paid back?

    In Afgan they have more mineral wealth that they need to mind. If they build that industry they have big wealth.

    Yet as usual we have all this extra money we can rebuild the other countries but not enough to help unemployed here.

    Just crazy we care more for other countries needs then our own people here. America needs to come first we don't have the money to keep paying for the worlds needs. Let China do it. Oh yeah they are smart enough not to waste their money like we do.

  4. Good point, just to support your comment further, we give money to people who hate us. America is still a good country cause we're free, however, I feel sorry for the younger generation, it's not going to get better. Soon enough America will take third place to China and India, perhaps there's a lesson to learn from them.

  5. I don't think we'll see any more extensions. Every time you turn on any of the news channels all you hear is tha we all need to drastically cut spending and pare down the huge deficit. Both democrats and republicans alike are calling for severe spending cuts. This is no time to vote for an additional $50 to $70 Billion in new unemployment benefits. ....But let's discuss extending the Bush Tax cuts...Let's all hope true justice prevails and congress does the right thing.

  6. This is no time to give these rich S.O.B's 700 Billion Dollars in Tax Cuts. Hypocrisy In Action. WE WANT OUR TIER 5

  7. Call Congress! Tell your Senators to continue the expanded federal unemployment benefits program through 2011, and not extend tax giveaways to millionaires.

    You can call your Senators toll-free at 1-866-606-1189 or go to

  8. When Pelosi and Obama got their asses handed to them in the midterms, all they talked about was "unemployement! " Now, this ass hole forgets again? He will get his ass handed to him again in 2012! I don't care if I got a $250,000.00 a year job, I will NEVER forget how I was treated or felt by not having a job or money! This fool is a damn idiot. Maybe the Republicans need a "fire obama" tour! Maybe that will light a fire under his ass!

  9. I did receive an e-mail this morning about contacting our Senators on 11/16 about extending unemployment benefits which I plan to do. When I call, I am going to ask that ALL benefits get extended to include a Tier 5.
    If McCain has the nerve to ask for the support of a tax extension for the rich at least until after the economy get better then the same should hold true for the unemployed who where laid off and who have been actively looking for work.
    at least the rich have jobs, get pay checks etc etc. The unemployed have little to NOTHING!!!

  10. It’s no surprise that UI extension would be the last measure to consider when the drum beat of looming US insolvency is being beaten into our heads.

    Some media people have set their mouths on cruise control and are attacking “entitlements”, aid to the poor, seniors and disabled, claiming that it must be cut back to “2007 levels” meaning that you’re expected to live on allocations that barely covered costs years ago ?!

    Hurrah ! That’s the solution. Add millions more to the street to join the unemployed. Only this time the great american melting pot will include seniors and the disabled destitute.

    Also why weren’t “cuts” to these and other programs discussed prior to the election ?

  11. The only way things are going to change is if a few clowns in Washington get wacked and the heads of those clowns are mailed to the media

  12. Naa, It will never happen lazy 99whiner. Why don't you riot in the street with Barbara, so I can hose you down with my fire hose. Then run your ass over with my Fire Engine. POUND THE PAVEMENT

  13. I'm a big cash cow and rich as hell. POUND THE PAVEMENT

  14. Bah Humbug to all of the arrogant bas----s in Congress that call all of us "deadbeats" ! I have been pounding the pavement for 1 1/2 years and I am sick of being called lazy! I worked for 28 years in one place only to have my position eliminated! This is through no fault of my own! I refuse to be called lazy and to tell you the truth I hope while I am starving, I hope all of these arrogant bas----s get Botcholism from their high priced Thanksgiving dinners! They help all other countries but not those who need it in the USA. No one has even mentioned the extensions being on the agenda to discuss. Then they'll take another break & paid vacation again and we don't even get a crust of bread for Thanksgiving! I don't even care if I spelled Botcholism right just so they get it!

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