Sunday, November 14, 2010

California Missile Launch: "Mystery Missile" Still A Mystery?

California Missile Launch: "Mystery Missile" Still A Mystery? The California Missile Launch remains elusive, as many are still uncertain as to if the missile is really a plane as the administration has said.

After all, if it were a plane, wouldn't the explanation surfaced right when the photo did? I remember watching a newscast, and they said that the FAA had no flight plans heading over that area, the Pentagon didn't have any records of missiles launched at the time.  Furthermore, NORAD didn't have information, either except to say that there was 'no foreign threat' to the United States. 

A couple of days later, the US Pentagon came out and said that the contrail was from a passenger jet flying from LAX to Phoenix. 

Many of our readers have given mixed views on the incidence.  Some say that it is, indeed a jet contrail and that "conspiracy theorists" are reading too far in to this.

Furthermore, others insist that the photo, which is pictured above is really a missile. 

What are your thoughts on the California Missile Launch? 


  1. This is a test launch of a ballistic missile from a Chinese Submarine and consistent with their aggressive military posturing. This event is highly embarrassing for the US military who's supposed to make sure foreign nations with nuclear capabilities don't park their subs just off our coast. Where are our billions of tax dollars going?

  2. THE GOVERNATOR DID IT! i mean, the guy got a golden bear for christ sake.

  3. What kind of MORONS do they think we are? ONE plume indicated ONE SOURCE OF IGNITION. a low sun to the West will not create a reflection to those standing to the East, this indicates an EXTERNAL IGNITION SOURCE creating the light. The lack of ragged edged to the contrail indicate no wingtip vortices, this indicates NO WINGS. The Pentagon has no clue what to say, this indicates the Russians, China or North Korea launched the missile. I would suggest a U.S. Presidential trip to Asia building allies in the Pacific rim just may trigger a China show of force to show their neighbors not to step out of line.

    If there is any waterway in the world where you would want to pull this stunt, its there.

    Not only is it right next to the United States second largest metro area and the most active shipping port in the world at Long Beach, it is also only a few miles from the seat of the military space program at Vandenberg, from MCAS Miramar ("Fightertown USA") and Camp Pendleton (the Pacific home of the Marines), from Coronado (home of the US Pacific fleet, including subs, carriers, and shipbuilding), from San Clemente island (home of Naval weapons testing).

    In short it was China showing President Obama that the RMB is not the only thing they can devalue.


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