Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Prop 19 2010 Poll Results

Prop 19 2010 poll results are disappointing, to say the least. The 2010 Prop 19 poll results have been tallied, and it's still illegal to smoke marijuana in the state of California. Despite many potheads across the country crossing their fingers in the hopes of the measure passing, it hasn't.

However, Prop 19 has paved the way for an open discussion about legalizing marijuana about the same way alcohol was re-legalized in the wake of prohibition.

Also available in California are the Governor and Senate race results. Joe Brown, the governor who served 30 years back won his old job back. In addition, Carly Fiorina was defeated by Barbara Boxer, who is keeping her Senate seat.

But the biggest blow of them all is prop 19. The Prop 19 poll results 2010 were disappointing, but to be honest with you - I saw it coming. See a video about Prop 19 here.

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  1. you are full of shit. wait until the real results are in you imbecile


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