Monday, November 1, 2010

"Proposition 19": Did Zach Galifianakis Actually Smoke Marijuana On Bill Maher?

California's "Proposition 19" got an unorthodox endorsement on Friday night. Zach Galifianakis, the bearded comedian featured in "The Hangover" appeared to have lit up a joint while on set with Bill Maher.

Proposition 19 would call for the legalization of marijuana in the state of California, in an effort to raise much needed tax revenue. Proponents of the bill state that it would reduce crime, cut back on drug related crimes, and drug related arrests - thus helping to ease the spending on law enforcement while creating tax revenue.

Opponents of Proposition 19 claim that making pot accessible to the masses will increase addiction, decrease employee productivity, and more.

Still, to think that someone was bold enough to smoke Weed on Bill Maher is quite novel. Below is a video of this unorthodox alleged endorsement of "Proposition 19"...what are your thoughts?


  1. posted at 4:19? you in a big hurry or what? :)
    and yes you can smoke weed in front of a camera
    and i fully support pot use. some jobs should require a drug free environment but this just includes ALL drugs, meth, coke, heroine, and such. i can promise you that the pharmaceutical companies will find a happy little market for tests that can prove marijuana use in a shorter amount of time than 30 days.

  2. If a car pulls up to an intersection with marijuana smoke coming out of it the police will smell it from 100 feet away.

    If they're drinking whiskey they won't smell a thing.

  3. Umm they wouldn't smell anything coming from the car since it is still going to be illegal to smoke and drive. Why do people think this law is going to change the DUI laws?

  4. Sure. You try to even find your freaking keys when you're stoned, let alone drive.

  5. the opponets say... the opponets obviously never had a mind numbingly boring job and smoked weed before it so it puts you in a rythem and makes you more productive. and anything good can be addicting. and zach galifianakis is the shit!

  6. im addicted to sex and leaving work early to go have sex with my wife makes me less productive. should sex be allegal too? just because some idiots will smoke before going to work doesnt mean everyone does. just like not everyone who drinks alcohol gets drunk before work. what we do on our off time is our buisness if its not affecting anyone elses health. pot for sure doesnt, and if youre affected by pot smoke, turn on a fan.

  7. It didn't pass. Get over it. California isn't mature or responsible enough to handle the legalization of weed. I smoke week for scholiosis and backpain. Medical weed is good where its at. Let's not push it.

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