Monday, November 1, 2010

Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars 2010

Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars 2010 week 7 is underway. So far, the Dancing with the Stars 2010 results have been kind to Bristol Palin. She's been in the bottom two twice, but has yet to be eliminated. Some say that her mother's political "oomph" is enough to keep her in the show, which is one part popularity contest another part actual talent.

Tonight is the 200th Dancing with the Stars episode, and as such she will be part of something really big.

The 200th episode of Dancing with the Stars during the 2010 season will bring back winners such as Kristi Yamaguchi and Apollo Ohno. In addition, Taylor Swift, and guest judges including Nick Lachey, Kelly Osbourne, and more will be present.

Perhaps there will be some distractions, and that could help Bristol out. Will Bristol Palin be voted off the show this week, or will it be Jennifer Grey, Kurt Warner, or Kyle Massey?


  1. Why is it not about talent on this show and more about how many votes your mother can get you!

  2. wow, it's not about talent anymore, her performance was no where near to some of the others who were eliminated. Wake up voters...


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