Wednesday, November 3, 2010

[RESULTS] Colorado Senate Race 2010 [UPDATES]

Colorado Senate Race 2010. The Senate race in Colorado is a tight race between Ken Buck and Michael Bennet. Just a couple of hours ago, Incumbent democratic Senator Michael Bennet declared victory over GOP challenger Ken Buck.

This laid to rest one of the NASTIEST races that took place this election season. Over $30 million in outside funds were poured in to trying to oust Bennet from his seat in the Senate, staging another GOP gain in the Senate.

However, that did not occur. Even if it did, the Senate would still remain a majority Democrat - and therefore keeping the power in that arm of the legislative bodies.

The House is another story.

What do you think of the Colorado Senate results 2010?


  1. I'm very disappointed. As a health insurance broker, I am sad to know that the deciding vote on Obamacare is going back to Washington to further burden my clients with excessive,unfunded mandates.

  2. Your comment betrays the sad reality of your job -- you are a tool of the insurance industry who could care less about the interests of the consumer. Shame on you. Insurance companies will continue to be wildly profitable, it’s just that now they'll have to compete in a consumer driven marketplace. Perhaps if the insurance industry had been more consumer focused all along and eliminated some of their blatantly anti-consumer practices like limiting lifetime benefits and excluding pre-existing conditions, you wouldn’t be in this saturation. As it is I have no sympathy for you.

  3. Glad the GOP secret outside money "Failed To Buy A VOTE"... Democracy due to Supreme Court ruling must be overturned by DEM GOP AND IND 'For Americans'...Plus, "redistricting" needs to be abolished as it rigs our freedom having elected officials choose the voters vs the voters choose the elected officials. If American does not return to freedom, I gladly would join a Communist party and ANY PARTY , but the selfish Un-American GOP AND DEM

  4. To all of the insurance company representatives --- YOU are the ones who have the death panels and deny coverage and/or procedures --- YOU are the ones who are exempt from monopoly laws --- YOU are the ones who have the ONLY healthcare system in the industrial world that is allowed to make a profit -- you have a business based on NOT making us healthy.


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