Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sarah Palin, Wikileaks, & Twitter

Sarah Palin recently used Twitter to discuss Wikileaks. The Wikileaks leak is one of the most disturbing breaches in national security in a long time.  Palin took to Twitter to condemn the 'treasonous' act, which of course gained her a lot of scrutiny from her critics.

Here's a screen shot of Palin's Tweet about the deal:

Slog slammed Palin, stating that Julian Assange, the wacko behind Wikileaks is from Australia, and that Wikileaks is hosted in Sweden and therefore the Wikileaks document leak cannot be treasonous.  Why? Because in order to commit treason, it has to be an act by an American against America.

Well, actually the leak IS a treasonous act.  The leaked documents were given to Wikileaks by a US citizen, and therefore are really an act of Treason.  Never does the governor say that Julian Assange or Wikileaks is committing treason.

This is just another example of what Palin dubbs herself as "lame stream media" putting words in her mouth.  Most recently, she made a North Korea gaffe, which was blown out of proportion by major media.

Palin shot back on Facebook via her Thanksgiving address to the nation - and very classily so.

However, Sarah Palin makes a good point. Couldn't the US stop this? I mean...there's gotta be something they could do.  She makes a very valid point.  If she could quickly get an obscure blog to remove pages of her book from their site then why can't the US stop the Wikileaks leak?


  1. usa- the assassins' nation seeks to divide & conquer all nations and all peoples. Regarding the leaks,

    Well, USA-if you have done nothing wrong, then you have nothing to fear from the T R U T H.
    Be Set Free by admitting to ongoing & insufferable crimes against
    H U M A N I T Y .

    GERAL SOSBEE(956)536-3103
    PS-Sarah is the living dead

  2. Jealous of attention given WikiLeaks, Sarah launched her new WikiHicks this morning...REVEALING exclusive at:


    Peace! :-)

  3. Haha... this blog entry can't possibly be serious. First off, no one knows who leaked any documents to Wikileaks. Even Wikileaks doesn't know who leaks documents to them, and as per his well-vetted TED speech, it is Wikileaks' policy to destroy any information obtained from a source were they to ever come upon any knowledge correlating any individuals to documents they have on file. So contrary to your remarks, The sources are speculative at best. Brad Manning is merely a scapegoat who has only been accused of leaking video footage of very real civilian mauling in Afghanistan. And critics are critical because there is no way a lowest rank PFC would ever have access to that information on his own standing. For you or anyone to assume and state as fact that the leaks were in any way treasonous - in the sense of it coming from a US citizen - is pathetic demagoguery of the worst kind. The leak did nothing to jeopardize any American interests either here or abroad.

  4. Wikileaks has my full support. If the governments didn't do corrupt and terrible things there would be nothing to expose. Maybe instead of hiding their misdeeds from the people they just shouldn't be done in the first place. Only close minded, chauvinistic individuals, or the influential people being mentioned (,that we should be looking up to, not looking down on with disgust because of their humiliating moral decisions,) should be offended by the release of this information.

  5. The difference in "leakage" is one would hurt her book's SALES. The other is done for the sake of exposing what someone thinks is wrong doing. Completely different.

  6. Well she didn't say the citizen who gave the documents to wikileaks did she? No, she said "wikileak's treasonous act", accusing wikileaks of treason, which they did not commit, they posted the act of someone else's treason. Lame stream media my ass, she said it, not them. Funny how people can't say things about America, but it's alright for her daughter to call someone a faggot to protect her family. I hope they run her out in the next election so America can really see how weak of a person she is.

  7. What a horrible blog. Careful, your sycophantic bias is showing.

  8. It should be noted that US documents are not the only documents being leaked:

    "Over the last year his information insurgency has dumped 76,000 secret Afghan war documents and another trove of 392,000 files from the Iraq war into the public domain–the largest classified military security breaches in history."


  9. She sure is anxious to get her gun out and kill a treasonous bastard.

  10. "Sarah Palin makes a good point"

    Ah, thank you blogspot for allowing yet another idiot to publish half-baked thoughts.

  11. Sarah Palin is pathetic. She wants to see Assange dead. Does she believe in God? How can Fox News tolerate her anymore? Civil words fail me with this "person".


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