Wednesday, December 1, 2010

TODAY: Hanukkah 2010, Unemployment Extension Expiration, & World AIDS Day

Today is a big day in world news.  First, it's the first day of Hanukkah 2010, it's the first day of the unemployment extension expiration, and it's also World AIDS Day.  Yes, my friends it's a really big day.

These are big times.  Of course, Hanukkah is the first holiday of the season, and it's celebrated by Jews all around the world - from the US, to Europe, to the Soviet Union - everywhere. In celebration of Hanukkah there's eight days of presents, and my favorite way to remember Hanukkah is of course to listen to Adam Sandler's song.

The unemployment extension expired last night, which means that as people exhaust their current tiers they will not be eligible for further benefits.  Many think that the whole debate over the benefits will somehow be resolved soon, but if that's the case I have yet to see any promising signs that the extension will be passed. This is disheartening to say the least. After all, this is the holiday season.

In addition, it's World AIDS Day. Stars like Kim Kardashian are living a "digital death" by turning off their social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness of the day. Actually, it did raise my awareness.  When I didn't get my hourly Kim Kardashian Twitter update I thought something was up.  A quick search on the Internet lead me to find out that it's World AIDS Day.

SO it's a big day in World News.  Stay tuned for further updates!


  1. People GET A JOB and stop being so PICKY!!!

  2. we would get a job but there is none go create some richy

  3. OK ASS where do u recommend we all go get a job at? If you have all the simple answers of just get a job then supply us a list of jobs with companies that are actually hiring. Stupid prick, must be a republican.

  4. Its all fun and games for the rich to sit and complain about the poor needing help.. I agree must be a rich ass republican that has nothing else to do but complain about how much they get taxed when some people dont even have money for christmas gifts for their kids. Get us a list of jobs and show us where we can work, cause i know that i sure am tired of sitting at home. Not like i want to be unemployed by choice.

  5. get a job what a joke, are you kidding? you will be talking out of the other side of your big mouth when you lose yours. let's see how you feel when you lose everything through no fault of your own. you're an ignorant, selfish creep. GET A CLUE!!!!!!!

  6. I've been looking for a job for a year and a half and I rarely get any response back. When one job posting receives 700 or 800 resumes, you know it's bad. I desperately want a job, but from what I'm hearing from people in the "know", companies still don't have the money to hire anyone- but they still post "job openings". I personally know five people at an architectural firm that were laid-off yesterday. People are still losing their jobs. So, if you're sitting there, all smug, thinking you have a job, you should be just a little nervous.

  7. We are definetly living in a depresssion, and it's getting scary.

    If your unemployed you can still make a good amount of money online; here's how:

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    Go take your internet scam and shove it up your ass. Dam shame a sand-flea is trying to scam the unemployed people

  9. Im not being picky. Ive been out of work since November of 08. Im a single parent of two kids. Ive applied for every job opening from cafeteria workers, fast food employees, to housekeeping positions and sanitation positions. Ive applied for high end and low end positions. In two years I have had 3 call backs and one interview. There are 30,000 people out of work in my county alone. Ive applied for higher paying postions as well as minimum wage positions. My unemployment ran out two weeks ago, I still have no job prospects, and no hope in sight. My house payment was due today, there are no savings to fall back on. The public housing - which I HAVE applied for since its based on income - has a 2 year waiting list. HUD/Section 8 has a 4 year waiting list. There is no Christmas for us, and if things dont change, there wont be a home for us. Ive applied for well over 1500 jobs over the past two years. Am I lazy? Not even close. The $183 a week I collected on unemployment barely covered the basics, but at least it did cover that much. IM disgusted that our government can send billions of dollars overseas to help foreign countries, while leaving the American citizens out on the streets in the cold.
    You ask why she limited her job search? You apply for what you can afford. It would do me no good to apply for a job an hour away when I know I wouldnt be able to afford to drive that far. Gas costs money. Upkeep on your vehicles - which are our lifelines in these times - costs money. I wish these politicians and fat cats would trade places with us - even for a week and try to survive on what they think we are just lazing about collecting. Maybe that would change their point of view.

  10. wonder what people in other parts of the world think of how the goverment is treating its very own people? they are probably wondering why we are all just sitting here and taking this shit.
    the goverment has made it very clear that we mean nothing, not one iota.
    the goverment, until today, has never ended unemployment benefits never ever in history when the unemployment rate is this high.
    something sure needs to be done by the people before it is to late

  11. I know what I am going to do. I am going to go take a big ass shit and count all the money I made today while sitting on the toilet.
    Thank You America for the opportunities you have given me.

  12. Hey I just saw this Palin slut fondling a Grizzly Cub. Nasty Bitch

  13. Did anyone see the two politicians this morning on GMA. They stood there and gave their opposing view points on unemployment and tax breaks with, seemingly, no compromise in sight. Millions of people's unemployment has or is just about to run out and these guys act like there's more time to argue. Even George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts were taken aback and commented on it after the interview. Robin said - "Can you imagine all the people about to lose their benefits and they have to hear that!" I voted Republican but this scorched earth mentality they have about cutting EVERYTHING is ridiculous. We're talking about people's livelyhood and survival. Show some humanity! The tax cuts will add more to the deficit than the extended unemployment will. I don't believe in entitlements per se, but the economy isn't getting any better right now. When you hear that more people are shopping this holiday season, you can bet that the majority are just running up their credit cards and then they'll figure out how to pay them, if at all, later. If these guys can't figure something out fast, watch this bad economy get worse!

  14. unfortunately, if they don't act very fast i am afraid there will be massive bloodshed coming soon

  15. Why did anyone vote for Republicans? This is what happens when people just believe anything they are told. Republicans are just there for their ride... not yours!
    Voting is thinking and doing some research, not just agreeing with fools that promise things that are absolutely crazy like: tax cuts (come on... how stupid must you be to believe this one?); more jobs (where? how?); stop pollution (yeah, right! with all the big gas-guzzling suv's around, and oil drilling everywhere); just to mention a few...
    An honest politician (is there such a thing?) will promise you changes but slowly and with some sacrifices.
    That's the people to vote for.

  16. How could we elect such cold-hearted people to run our country?
    By the people, and for the people....
    These are just words that have lost the meaning intended as they were written. Politicians, now days just think about their future re-elections, and don't give a hoot if people are jobless and hungry....
    But, hey, they sure make a point about showing their faces in church every Sunday! What a bunch of hypocrites.
    SHAME on all politicians for having caused this problem in the first place, and for not helping the people in desperate need for the slightest relief the miserable unemployment cheque can bring.
    If there is an ultimate justice, they will all go to hell!


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