Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sarah Palin's Alaska Premiere.

Sarah Palin's Alaska Premiere. Tonight is TLC's ultimate reality show premiere: Sarah Palin's Alaska. This is an 8 part miniseries that gives us a look in to the life of Sarah Palin, the former Vice Presidential hopeful and former Alaskan Governor.

In her days since John McCain lost his bid to become president, Sarah Palin stepped down from her role as Governor of Alaska and has become a Fox News contributor, authored two books, and has given speeches at events across the country.

Sarah is captivating. In the premiere of the show, we hear her say things like "This is Flippin' Fun!" And mentioning that she'd rather be in the outdoors than a "stuffy political office."

I wonder if that statement will hurt her if she decides to run for President?

However, this is going to be exciting, and an unprecedented look in to the life of a public figure.

Are you going to watch Sarah Palin's Alaska?


  1. What an idiot! Sarah Palin is a big whiner. Can you imagine her as a president! I hope her reality show will enlighten the other 40% of Americans that she's Just a superficial ding bat who advocates for a split government. Most of us just want a government that can get things done and work together.

  2. Watch Sarah Palin?? What a joke. I would rather die in a ditch. People of Alaska, please come to your senses before her stupidity rubs off.


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