Wednesday, November 3, 2010

[SENATE] Harry Reid Election Results 2010

[SENATE] Harry Reid Election Results 2010. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid held on to his job in th US Senate by the skin of his teeth, defeating the "face of the Tea Party" Sharron Angle. Going in to the election, she was expected to stage a narrow victory against the long term incumbent.

His son, Rory, lost his bid to become the governor of Nevada.

The fact that Harry Reid held on to his job is good news for the White House, who put considerable resources in to campaigning for the Majority Leader. Reid isn't well loved by the people of Nevada, but he's been viewed as the lesser of two evils. In a state where there's the highest unemployment in the nation, Sharron Angle is against long term unemployment extensions.

Had Reid lost, it would have been a slap in the face to Obama and Michelle Obama, both whom campaigned for him leading up to yesterday's election.

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