Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sharron Angle Concession Speech [CONCEDES/DOESN'T STEAL NEVADA]

Sharron Angle Concession Speech [CONCEDES/DOESN'T STEAL NEVADA] Sharron Angle concedes speech. I have to give it to a politician who knows when to bow out. Instead of making the Nevada Senate race into a big drawn out national debacle, Sharron Angle conceded to the Senate Majority leader Harry Reid.

She noted that "we know how to win, and we know how to lose."

That's true.

She also said that she's bowing out "Graciously."

Sharron Angle's defeat is a crushing blow to the Tea Party movement, of which she was described "the face." Of course, there's always next time.

Some joke that this was a "bizarre" concession speech and beg to ask the question if she was 'doped up.' However, I think this was a gracious, thoughtful move and one that Nevada constituents should be happy took place. Nothing's worse than not knowing the results of an election. See the concession speech below for Sharron Angle.


  1. Did Reid steal Nevada?
    A: major corruption in the voting

  2. Maybe, maybe not. Could it instead be that over 50% of the people in Nevada have nothing above the shoulders?

  3. It doesn't matter the "intelligence level" of the voter, that you have tried to slander here. It doesn't matter if the votes are not legally tallied. READ THE ARTICLE. No, really, READ IT!!!

  4. Man up Sharron Angle! You did it to yourself!

  5. Since when has there ever been a 95% turnout of registered voters for any election, as stated in the USA Today posting? NEVER!!!!!!!
    Something stinks to high heaven in the State of Nevada.

    What makes this even worse is how Reid lied about caring for the Hispanic People of Nevada. Have a listen to this lying douchebag Reid.

    They say they do not want a patchwork of immigration laws for all states, however; they do want a state-by-state patchwork of voter laws, why? Because they cannot rig, elections if either are changed.

  6. Sharon should not have bowed out there is no doubt in anyone's mind who has a mind that there where clearly Federal laws broken by the Reid campaign Harrahs hotel and casino and his union buddies not to mention Harry's son Rory Reid(Clark county commissioner) who most likely ignored all the complaints or covered them up from the day the poll's opened to vote (just saying)

  7. Anonymous from November 4, 2010 at 4:05 a.m. What have youbeen smoking? Or better yet did you graduate from High School? Or even 8th Grade. I can understand why you would vote for Sharon, the extremist, you are an uneducated individual yourself. Try going back to school and learning sentence structure. Also try the History of Reid in the Senate and all of the programs he has helped support and establish for our troops, as well as our veterans. get a job and stay off the artificial stimulnts you use daily.

  8. I wonder if Sharon can give an unconcession speech when they expose the fraud of Rory/ Harry Reid, ACORN and the DNC. BTW, dead people aren't supposed to vote, also - regardless of party affiliation.

  9. There are apparently a lot of really pathetic, idiotic anonymous persons posting today.

  10. Such a rambling speech... Early signs of dementia if you ask me.

  11. the moron above doesn't know acorn has been gone for quite some time now,

    and the dead people voting thing? it falls under "assertions made without evidence can also be dissmissed without evidence."


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