Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blumenthal Wins, Connecticut Election Results 2010 [SENATE]

Connecticut Election results 2010 are in for the Senate race, and it's Blumenthal who wins the Senate seat. If you remember, Obama campaigned for Blumenthal last weekend, and a group of AIDS organization reps came to the rally and actually heckled the can see more about that HERE.

However, Blumenthal is a rarity in Tuesday's election.  For the most part, the GOP staged major comebacks, particularly in the House of Representatives. 

That being said, the Senate will remain predominately Democratic and Harry Reid will once again serve as the Senate Majority leader. 

In addition to Blumenthal, Malloy also is a winner in Connecticut winning the Governor's seat as a Democrat.  

What are your views on the Connecticut election results 2010?

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