Wednesday, November 3, 2010

[SPEECH] Alex Sink Concedes, Concession to Rick Scott

Alex Sink Concedes, concession to Rick Scott.  Alex Sink is Florida's CFO, and she made a bid as the Democratic candidate for governor.  She would have been the first woman governor of Florida. Rick Scott, the GOP candidate, ended up winning the race.

Many were afraid that the "r-word" would become in play in Florida again.  What's the R-word? Recount. However, Alex Sink finally conceded to Rick Scott and now the GOP took the Florida governor's governor's seat. 

During her concession speech, Sink said "we fought very, very hard."  Given the closeness of the race, a recent scandal in which Sink had to fire an aide after sending her a text message during a debate could have cost her crucial votes. 

Still yet, all that changes nothing now that all is said and done.  Rick Scott is the governor elect, and you can see some of Alex Sink's concession below: 

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