Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Will Bristol Palin Be Who Won Dancing With The Stars?

Will Bristol Palin wins Dancing with the Stars happen? Bristol Palin is one controversial Dancing with the stars contestant. She's made it to the season finale - something that in the beginning of this journey we didn't think would happen.

After all, she didn't have the skill of Brandy, Audrina, Kurt, or Rick - four shocking upsets that she helped to bring about with some serious voting clout.

So tonight people young and old, new to the Dancing scene and those who couldn't care less about the show are tuning in to find out one thing - will Bristol Palin win dancing with the stars?

What will the implications be if that is the case? Will ABC have to change up their voting system? Will there be an all out boycott of the show?

If Bristol Palin is who won Dancing with the Stars, I can't help but think that will happen.

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