Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Zahra Baker Case: Missing Girl Update, Authorities Found Additional Evidence

Zahra Baker case - missing girl update. The Zahra Baker case continues, and there's an ambiguous lead in the case. Police say that they found something at a search site roughly 20 miles from the Baker home. They won't elaborate on what they found, but say that they need to look at whatever it is they found more closely before drawing conclusions.

Cadaver dogs sniffed out human remains on some of the Bakers' vehicles and a wood chipper owned by Adam Baker's employer. A prosthetic leg that was found is confirmed to have belonged to the young girl, after comparing it to medical records from her native Australia.

Authorities are tight lipped about the case, as any leaks of information could hurt advancement and prosecution once a suspect can be identified. So far, Elisa Baker is only a person of interest, and is held in jail on charges unrelated to the girl's disappearance.

What do you think was found in the Zahra Baker case?


  1. I bet they found remnants of her clothing or more bone fragments. I just can't believe people are so evil. Please bring some Justice for little Zahra.

  2. They found a cell phone. It was just on Headline News.

  3. what newssite can I read about cell phone find?
    please bring fast justice for precious zahra

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  5. Had she been parentally abducted from Australia to the United States? Why didn't her biological mother know where she was located?

  6. I too would like to know about that little girls mother. Dad and step-mom obviously weren't too concerned for that poor childs' safety and welfare. I'm betting on another Susan Smith type of outcome. God bless Zahra and may whoever harmed her burn in the bowels of hell for eternity.


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