Monday, November 8, 2010

Zahra Baker Case Update

Zahra Baker case updates are desired by all who are very curious what happened to this young girl. Zahra Baker went missing several weeks ago, and police expect the worst - that this young girl is dead.

That being said, there's still hope that Zahra Baker is alive, although her birth mother in Australia doesn't believe it to be the case.

Zahra was a bone cancer survivor, and was missing a leg and wore a hearing aid.

No developments have happened that lead us any closer to resolution of the case. Elisa Baker, the girl's stepmother wrote a letter to a serial killer letter database indicating that her death was no one's fault, but that what the father did to the girl after her death was horrifying.

Elisa Baker is a person of interest, as she admitted to writing a fake ransom note.

Zahra's fake leg was found, and confirmed to be hers with a serial number match. Bone was also found and is undergoing testing to see if it belongs to that of Zahra Baker.

What are your thoughts on the Zahra Baker case?


  1. The terminal misery of Zahra Baker’s life in the United States is incomprehensible to me, a seventy-four year-old grandparent.
    When one considers that so much of the foreign world envies the boundless freedom and personal dignity the United States of America affords its citizens, it can only be the most outrageous inconsistency that Zahra, in her brief time among us, should have inured the abuse so many witnesses have related to authorities and us, the interested public, long past the time when she should have enjoyed the benefit of our society’s now manifest concern for her wellbeing.

  2. the father is GUILTY that "woman" is GUILTY,

    Both should swing from the highest branch in full public view.

  3. May your soul be free Zahra. Be well in heaven. We'll see you later on when the time is right.

  4. Zahra you have the face and smile of an angel.
    The whole world loves you and you now walk with Jesus. You are loved.

  5. Zhara is with Jesus.

    To those who kill Zhara, repent because you will be dead being alive!


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