Sunday, December 5, 2010

Israel Fire 2010 Containment and UPDATES

The 2010 Israel fire is a horrendous disaster. The wildfires in Israel are causing all sorts of problems, and to a certain extent I am personally worried that Israel's enemies will see just how much devastation the fires have caused.

Despite the disastrous events, the fire is showing signs that containment may be possible in the near future. Cautious optimism remains in the forefront of the situation at hand.

The fire has claimed more than 40 lives. To keep it from becoming even worse, there are international efforts to stop the fire. Australia joined the country in their quest to contain the fire.

However, Prime Minister Netanyahu has announced that further aircraft coming in to Israel are not necessary, as they hope to have the situation contained by this afternoon.

The US knows about forest fires all too well. Earlier this year there were horrific forest fires in Boulder Colorado. California succumbs to fires on an almost annual basis.

Even though there is optimism, the future still remains guarded. Anything can happen with these fires, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that the Israel Fire 2010 containment will take place today.

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