Saturday, December 4, 2010

Elisabeth Hasselbeck - Did Sarah Palin 'Use' Her?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck feels "used" by Sarah Palin - at least according to a report by Popeater. This sounds a little odd, considering that Hasselbeck has been an advocate for Sarah Palin on Barbara Walter's oftentimes liberally slated "The View"

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a genuine person. Her political views are conservative, which gets her criticized by other View members such as Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar.

During 2008, Sarah Palin as a Vice Presidential candidate made an appearance on 'The View.' Elisabeth Hasselback was one of her proud supporters, and did everything she could to make the former Alaskan governor's quest to the White House successful. She even introduced Palin at political rallies

However, recently Palin slammed Obama for going on "The View."

On top of that, reports indicate that Palin won't even return Hasselbeck's calls.

Palin will, however, go camping with Kate Gosselin in Alaska. Hmm.

Is Sarah Palin alienating people that could help her politically? Do you think she's still the candidate she was presented as during 2008, or has she turned in to a 'typical politician?'


  1. Elizabeth Hasselbeck has been attacking and smearing Palin on the show "View", even calling her "despicable" while telling the audience that she is a Palin's "friend". With friend like this, who needs enemy.

    Btw Palin had never appeared on "The View" during 2008 election. Elizabeth has seldom defended Palin, but just trying to make use of Palin for personal fame and interest, like in this case trying to smear Palin to gain public attention.

  2. I wouldn't return Hasselbecks phone calls either.


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