Friday, June 25, 2010

Canada Earthquake 2010 a 5.0 Earthquake Affects Toronto and Beyond

Toronto, Canada is hardly an earthquake destination.  The Toronto Canada 5.0 earthquake took place on Wednesday, and it was felt in many places around Ontario and Quebec, as well as throughout many cities in the United States.  There were reports of feeling tremors from Saginaw, Michigan, New York City, Chicago, and throughout many states in the Midwest.

The earthquake did not cause any deaths, and the damage is not reported as widespread.  The northernmost cities are lucky as they appeared to have dodged a bullet.

The time of the earthquake was about 1:45 PM when people were in their offices working.  Many in New York City feared that the earthquake was something else, but were relieved when it was noticed that they were only tremors.

Although unusual, the seismic activity did happen around a fault.  This served as a reminder to those in the area that they are living in an earthquake zone.  This area will have earthquakes every so many years.

This year it seems as if the earth is moving a lot.  Starting from the earthquake in Haiti and going on to the major quake in Chile, there have been numerous tremors felt worldwide. The earthquake in Chile was even responsible for a tidal wave in Hawaii which did not cause any casualties or damage.

Fortunately, the damage was not like that seen in areas harder hit by earthquakes such as Chile and Haiti.

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