Saturday, July 17, 2010

2010 Unemployment Extension - Benefits Bill Passes in Days?

2010 Unemployment Extension bill could pass in days.  The unemployment extension 2010 bill is expected to pass soon. Benefits Bill Passes in Days. The benefits bill for the unemployment extension 2010 is expected to pass within days, according to White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.  The extension of unemployment benefits would only allow those long term unemployed to file for the emergency extensions previously enacted.  It doesn't add to the existing structure.

It also doesn't allow those states previously ineligible for the third or fourth tiers eligible.  Everything stays in line with the current legislation, which is still better than the current 26 week maximum that is in place even when times are good.

Many have expressed their frustration with the system, noting how the Financial Reform bill was pushed through Congress yet there's reluctance and disagreement over a measure that will help Americans.  It doesn't make much sense to constituents who put their trust in their Senators and are let down time and time again.

Hopefully by the end of next week, Robert Gibbs will be correct and the Senate will have passed the measure. Then, Obama can sign the bill into law and people will be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that at least their bare essentials will be covered by their unemployment check.

In the meantime, the unemployed are being resourceful to meet their needs. Food stamps, HUD vouchers, 401(k) withdrawals, garage sales, and selling personal affects on eBay are all ways families are trying to get by.  Some teenagers who are lucky enough to get employed by fast food restaurants are contributing to the family fund, rather than spending the money on lattes and shoes at the mall.

July 19th or Monday is the earliest that the unemployment bill will be brought to a vote.  Many are holding on to hope that this time it will pass.


  1. Dear Senators

    I am a 54 year old Mexican-American, Arizona State resident and United States Citizen, my ancestors, family and I have worked hard here, and I need you to vote for a Tier 5 Unemployment extension. I need this extension to pay my mortgage. Please note that of the 99 weeks I have been out of full time work that I have worked 26 of those weeks as a part time worker. During that time I earned as little as $200 a week (less money than I have earned in my whole life). My unemployment check (at that time) was $186 a week. This means I made $0 dollars in unemployment benefits for the 26 week period. Please also understand that if I could find a job I would work it. You on the other hand have a job (a good paying job) so do your job and pass a bill that will benefit not only me but millions of unemployed hard working and deserving Americans!


    Daniel E. Reyes III, M.S.

  2. ******************BREAKING NEWS******************

    Just heard that news has leaked saying that Mitch
    McConell and John Boehner are lovers. Man, can you believe that! Maybe that explains why ol Mitch always has that sour look on his face.

  3. I am a United States tax paying Citizen, 54 years of age and have NEVER applied for unemployment till the beginning of this year. I have worked since I was 16 years of age. This is our government, they are surely getting their pay checks, while we are CUT from our unemployment benefits in a blink of an eye. NO notice just you are only getting one more check. Now I have only been receiving MY benefits for 6 months, how is it that I get cut off? HMMMM because our government is messed up. Once again, they are getting their checks. So now, I have to move out of my rental because I have NO income, I can't pay my car payment, so I guess that will have to go back to the bank, sorry Toyota, and my dog and I will be sitting, standing and kneeling on the local corner BEGGING for food, no money for gas because remember I will have to give the car back. Also, my great paying job that I had paid into unemployment for us, the employee to be able to collect when in need, so what the heck where is that money. I know California is broke. One more thing, I owe the feds and the state of California about 2k, so do I now send them an I.O.U. or should I just tell them both to take it up with unemployment and collect it from them? Well, just to let them both know, I HAVE NO MONEY AND DON'T EXPECT ANYMORE $25.00 checks from me until I start getting my benefits again.

  4. Who would have thought that 3 years ago the housing industry would have the outcome it has today on the entire economy. GLOBAL economy. If the housing industry was well again the entire economy would be well. The middle class are no longer there to hold everyone up. When the unemployment checks stop coming the government needs to realize services in other areas will then begin to get taxed where they will not be able to keep up. Unfortunately it is safe to say that this is the reason why nothing has gotten better. Sure the feds have put bandaids on the problem but can't figure out why it is not getting better. Maybe they should read more Roosevelt and Truman history. It's all there. We are in this for the long haul folks. Everyone is. We will see more foreclosures, more unemployment where this will effect all jobs, state,city,county, ect. We are literally taking down America. When BO says this will take time to fix it will folks. Many many years! America will never be the same and for all of us unemployed 50 somethings it is a nightmare we are living in. Stay strong folks.

  5. They need to pass this bill uneployment stopped at the end of june, and i was collecting from another state but they said since im in az, a state not in EB period, i wont qualify. I will only receive two more checks....someone please help and tell me if they pass this bill if i will qualify.

  6. JOHN BOEHNER IS GAY AND A ALCOHOLIC. HIS GAY PARTNER IS DICK McConell or is it Mitch McConell. A couple of sorry ass losers.

  7. I pray to God this will pass. It's hard to find jobs and people are struggling. I have children to take care of and all our household needs. It's getting real hard. People are stressing because we don't know how we gone pay our next bill. Thank God for being who he is because without him I don't know where I would be. All is well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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