Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chelsea Clinton Wedding: Dress, Engagement Ring, and Venue

Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, is engaged to be married. Her wedding which will take place on July 31 is so hush-hush that one would think that it is a matter of national security.  She's getting married to an investment banker, and the guest list is set to include many prominent politicians.

Many are intrigued with the typical wedding topics, such as the dress, the engagement ring, and venue.  The wedding is for a couple from New York, so the wedding dress designer will be of the utmost importance to those in fashion circles.

There's no prenuptial press coverage and all that's available is pure speculation.  According to the New York times, the dress is rumored to be either by Oscar de la Renta or Vera Wang.  Personally, I hope she's wearing a Vera.  That designer is the queen of beautiful wedding gowns.

The venue is also something that is speculated.  The rumors center around the venue being at the Belvedere  Mansion in Staatsburg or the Astor Courts.  Perhaps the fact that the two estates have been taken swiftly off the market is a diversion.  I wouldn't be entirely shocked if the wedding is somewhere obscure that the press hasn't mentioned.

Attached to the post is a picture of the bride's engagement ring, from the Huffington Post.  You can see that this engagement ring is far larger than that of Bristol Palin.  However - Chelsea Clinton is marrying a Jewish banker. Expect no less than the best at this posh wedding.

Unfortunately, the press shy Chelsea Clinton won't have a big spread in a magazine prior to her wedding.  Hopefully there will be some photographs of her wedding released after it takes place.


  1. Who cares whose diamond is larger? That doesn't tell how long the marriage will last!

  2. What on earth does Mr. Mezvinsky's religion have to do with the size of Ms. Clinton's engagement ring? If you're saying that all bankers are fabulously wealthy (a ridiculous assertion in itself) there was no need to bring religion into it. Otherwise you're just opening yourself up to unpleasant allegations of stereotyping.

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  4. I found this article quite funny. The ring Chelsea has is larger than Bristol Palin's ring. Aha! Because Chelsea chose a Jewish banker! Good for her. Bet Hitler would hate that! Imagine he would say, "Kill Chelsea and Marc! Give me the ring."

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