Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bristol Palin Engagement Ring - Levi Johnston Proposal

Bristol Palin's engagement ring from Levi Johnston's proposal isn't too shabby for a couple of 18 year old parents. Recently Palin, the daughter of Fox News correspondent and former Vice Presidential hopeful Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, opened up to Us Magazine about Levi Johnston's proposal.

The proposal sounds like it came from the glossy pages of a teen magazine, or a modern day fairy tale. There was the diamond ring, the heart shaped rose petals on the bed (and perhaps a bottle of sparkling apple cider?) If the story was any more syrup-y I would have had to seen my dentist!

And in case you are wondering this is the same couple that had a very bitter break up. Sarah Palin didn't approve of their relationship, and they were undergoing a very rocky custody battle over their 18 month old son, Tripp.

The two met up to work out a custody arrangement, and took their child for a walk. Afterwards, Palin got a sweet text message. A few weeks later, the two were engaged.

According to the Huffington Post, the engagement took place with hearts and rose petals.

The picture above on this post is an enlarged photograph of the ring that Bristol is wearing on the most recent cover of Us Weekly. What do you think? I think it's a decent ring. The true test will be how the couple does during their married life.


  1. Looks a little small for all the money that Levi probably made on his Playgirl photo expose!!

  2. wow....thats actually the same engagement ring i got this past January!

  3. Just thinking out loud here....but maybe considering their history over the last few years....this maybe rushing it a bit? I wish them all the best...I have a feeling they are going to need it! I thought my mom was crazed and scaring when I got engaged.....nothing compared to Sarah Palin as far as I can tell. lol Good luck!

  4. I think he could have done better than the Kay Jewelers/Zales special. That's a generic ring that 500K other people have!

  5. Pretty ring!! Thanks for sharing. This ring look precious in above picture.


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