Friday, July 9, 2010

LeBron James NBA Free Agency Ends as LeBron Heads to Miami

LeBron James's free agency in the NBA ended last night as the basketball player decided to head to Miami. The Heat is a big winner in this year's free agency bids, as they have received not only LeBron but also Chris Bosh.

Many expect that next year the Lakers won't be able to keep their 2 year winning streak in the NBA Playoff championships. The Heat will put up a big fight as LeBron, Chris, and Dwayne Wade - three of the league's best players - are all on the same team.

Favorable tax treatments and all around great atmosphere and a dream team all made Miami a great choice for the NBA star. He's trading in the cold winters in Ohio for the warm, tropical and beautiful atmosphere of Miami.

After all - the nightlife in Miami is far better for someone like LeBron James than is Cleveland, OH - or even Chicago and New York.

Although South Florida is happy (ecstatic is a better word) with LeBron's decision, fans in Cleveland are ticked off. Flaming James memorabilia can be found in the backyards of those who feel almost betrayed by the Ohio native.

For Cleveland, it's an end of an era. For the Heat, it's the opportunity for a historical change. The next few years will likely bring many successes as James, Bosch, and Wade are all together in one place on one team.

The true test will be during the 2011 NBA season. Will the team go on a winning streak, or will the players fail to live up to the hype? So many variables are at play at Miami Heat.

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