Friday, July 9, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 Championship Final Match

The FIFA World Cup 2010 championship final match will take place on July 11, with the 3rd place game taking place on July 10. This weekend will end the month-long journey that is the World Cup soccer tournament, which only comes around once every four years.

The championship round will be between the Netherlands and Spain. Germany and Uruguay will play for 3rd place.

The Netherlands was able to take Brazil out of the running, and they were the #1 FIFA ranked team. Spain is #2, although Brazil stole the #1 slot from them before the World Cup began. The Dutch team is on fire, and this could be the year where the Netherlands pulls through and wins the championship for themselves.

Of course, a win by Spain wouldn't be surprising either. Their program is a very strong one and has always been favored to make it to the championship round. If they have their A-Game the day of the championship, then they will easily slip through to the win.

Germany and Uruguay will also be a great match up in the tournament as well. Third place isn't the championship but ending up in the top three out of 32 countries is a great accomplishment for any country.

The US was knocked out in the quarterfinals. No one thought they would make it past that round anyways. However, their program is getting stronger and stronger each year, as the team gains more and more support from the US.

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