Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kyron Horman Missing Case - Is Kyron's Stepmother Really Guilty?

In the Kyron Horman missing child case, Kyron's stepmother Terri Moulton Horman has been front and center in the press and she looks guilty.  I mean, the way the media portrays her, it's like she's all but been named as the prime suspect.

There's the two polygraph tests, the multiple interviews, and the questionnaires that were sent to everyone present at the school the day Kyron went missing. It's been thrown out there that Terri's cell phone records don't exactly jive with her story of the day Kyron went missing.

And Terri's story is crucial to the investigation.  Terri was the last one to see Kyron before he went missing on June 4, 2010.

Now that it's almost been a month that Kyron has been missing, it came out that Kaine Horman - Kyron's father - filed for divorce from his stepmother, filing a restraining order and taking the couples' 18 month old daughter.

That means she's guilty, right? Don't be so quick to judge.  Let me just throw out there another set of circumstance that could make sense. Keep in mind this is a theory - only a theory.

Terri didn't walk Kyron to his class, but told Kaine that she did.  She left and went to Sauvie Island to meet her (theoretical) lover.  She was having an affair.

She never dreamed that Kyron would go missing! How often does that happen? Never.

Time goes on, and Terri has to tell Kaine of the affair.  He files for divorce, but needs to take his daughter because, well, it's his daughter and there's still that shroud of doubt that somehow Terri is to blame for his son's disappearance.

I know that sounds far fetched.  But stranger things have happened.  Children have disappeared from their homes in the middle of the night with their parents sleeping in another room.  The day Kyron went missing there were a lot of opportunities for strangers to mix in with the students as the science fair took place. Who knows what could have happened.

Then again, maybe Terri did play a part in the disappearance.  However, we shouldn't be so quick to judge.


  1. >>> He files for divorce, but needs to take his daughter because, well, it's his daughter and there's still that shroud of doubt that somehow Terri is to blame for his son's disappearance.>>>

    The courts would never grant a restraining order that specified zero contact between a mother and her baby based on a "shroud of doubt" in the father's mind.

  2. Most 2nd graders still need help picking out clothes. I find it ODD that he was wearing a CSI shirt the day he went missing. Who dressed him? Was that just a coincidence or not??????

  3. maye the investigators should look into that show CSI to see if there were any similar episodes...??

  4. GREAT article!!!

    Whats happening to Terri is a modern day WITCH HUNT!!!!

    We need to focus on finding lil Kyron

  5. The only problem with your theory is that it was well known from the beginning of Kyron's disappearance that Terri didn't walk Kyron all the way to his class.

    But the theory that she was having an affair could explain why she didn't walk Kyron all the way to his class (she was in a hurry to meet her lover) and why where she says she was the remainder of the day and what cell phone records indicate (she met her lover on Sauvie Island).

    But then again a million other theories could be concocted with the same clues.

    Keep the focus on finding Kyron!

  6. I don't think this theory is too far fetched at all. It came up early on in a conversation I had with someone that made the same case- It does seem logical. Unfortunately, the steps that were taken by the family have caused the focus to be off of Kyron. There are no victims here but Kyron.

  7. if the worst thing you were doing was having an affair wouldn't you admit to it straight away rather than be accused of somehow being involved in the disappearance of a child!

    she was united with the family in the beginning and they backed her up even in the GMA interview, a couple of days later he has filed for divorce and has a restraining order................there is more to the story that we just dont know!

  8. Where is Kyron?? and why did dad contact his companies legal office the day Kyron went missing?
    Why didn't dad go to the science fair with Kyron, since it have been verified he was at home??why help the child so much on a project ,then not make an appearance at the school???

  9. I think she's guilty as sin! The police said that this was an ISOLATED incidence, and there was no threat to the community. This speaks volumns! No threat to the community means only one thing... family member is to blame.

  10. It has been a month now. Surely by this time LE has completed all the interviews with the school personnel, students and other parents that were there. So why don't that know enough to say whether the stepmom is in the clear or not. Instead of the FBI just assisting maybe they need to take over the investigation.

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