Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kyron Horman Missing Case Latest News Updates - A Murder for Hire Plot

The Kyron Horman missing child case updates grow thicker, as the latest news just in suggests a murder  for hire plot.  Kyron Horman's stepmother Terri Moulton Horman allegedly offered a landscaper a large sum of money to kill Kyron's father, Kaine.  This is breaking news in the case.

Authorities shared the information with Kaine Horman recently, which is presumably why he filed for divorce and was able to secure a restraining order on his wife, take his daughter, and get it where Terri can't even have a firearm.

All this makes the case take a strange turn - but the main question still remains - where is Kyron? Kyron is STILL missing and there's no sign of him.

Terri has hired a high profile criminal defense attorney, Stephen Houze.  Neither Kaine nor Terri's attorneys are speaking out about the case.

Many have previously claimed that having the spotlight on Terri Horman during this case amounted to a "modern day witch hunt." The new developments raise questions in the minds of many - after all, if the allegations are true could it possibly be that Terri decided to get to Kaine through his son?

The whole Kyron Horman Case is strange to say the least. There was no Amber Alert issued. Authorities have been unusually tight-lipped.  Many are hoping that there will be some resolution to the case in the coming days.  After all, Kyron Horman has been missing for a month.


  1. If this were true, why would the Terri Horman not have been arrested?

  2. They probably haven't been able to arrest her because of evidence. Terri is denying the allegations so LE must be trying to build the case against her..I don't think people are just making all this up. Remember, you must have done something pretty bad to not be able to have firearms or see your kid

  3. Because it takes time to build a case aginst one and get evidence. Remember, she is denying all this. It must have some truth if there is a Restraining order aginst her and she can't even see her kid.

  4. gives new depth of meaning to the words "wicked stepmother"

  5. It must mean that the source of the information about Terri to the police is a landscaper who says he was solicited, and may not have come forward until the disappearance of Kyron and the police's asking for information. Normally, you'd expect hoaxers to talk about Kyron. But since this is a more oblique reference to something in the marriage, it looks more genuine, like something moving under the surface.

    Apparently, Kaine was convinced by the police that this attempt by Terri actually took place. That it was more probable than not. It also seems to have convinced a domestic court judge to allow him exclusive custody of their daughter, based on these allegations.

    But the burden of proof of a criminal trial for murder (actual murder of Kyron) is much higher, although circumstances here point to something bad having been done at Terri's hands to Kyron. I don't think the solicitation of a hit was a side issue. Maybe there is money to follow - like insurance policies. And that would put the father and the son on the same footing, if she could collect from either death. Could she benefit financially from the death of a step-son and she could from the death of a husband? If the answer is yes, then is that why Kyron disappeared?

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  7. this is it. this is why her eyes shifted so much in that first news conference together. It's a connection with her neighbors. They are dirt bags too. I'll tell you one thing the guy that was hired that has Kyron better give him back and implacate the step mom to save his own head from a lifetime in prison, because he will be found. Or she better make the hired guy the mastermind guy, in order for one of them to survive. One of them needs to flip on the other.

  8. If article is true, than Terri is a real psychopath.

  9. I am just so sad about all this and I keep wondering what that little boy is thinking... I have children of my own and when they don't see me or my husband for a whole day, they get sad. I can't imaging what he is feeling...

  10. I am not so certain this is true. One thing though, the Facebook picture with the man in it- WHO IS THAT MAN?

  11. I hope and pray they find Kyron and bring him home. Who in their right mind want to kill a child for crying out loud!!!!

  12. why was there no amber alert issued?? isn't this EXACTLY why the program was created?

  13. There is no Amber Alert because that program is designed specifically for abductions that have been seen and the authorities have an actual vehicle description. Since nobody actually saw the abduction take place they couldn't issue an amber alert.

    I actually spoke with a sheriff's deputy that was involved in the search for Kyron in the first days after his disappearance. These were his exact words to me. As sad as it is, it makes sense. Unfortunately.

    Ultimately, I just want Kyron home. He was the sweetest little boy, and it breaks my heart.

  14. Facing uncertainty, human mind asks questions like "What if...?". There are many "what if" in both sides.
    What if the landscaper fabricated a story to look knowledgeable and get some spot light?
    What if the pressure put on Terri Horman causes resources to be pulled away from neglected leads?
    On the other side, what if Terri Horman is helped by someone else, holding hostage the child (police say the boy is alive) for some obscure reason?
    What if there are large financial gains behind this seemingly classical family feud?
    What if this Terri Horman is mentally ill?
    So, let us not run to judge and wait for the police to do their job!

  15. I wonder if the landscaper refused murder, but they concocted a "fake"kidnapping scheme that later went awry? If she wanted money to resume her body-building, either life insurance or half the ransom would have provided that, & KH wouldn't have known about the $$ in either case. Perhaps that's why she let her son be sent away & why the landscaper didn't come forward earlier & why the FBI is involved & why everyone is so sure Kyron is still alive? My prayers to him & his family.

  16. When I saw the photo of Terri Horman during her body building competition days--the first thought I had was "Holy Cats!That HAD to be accomplished with steroids." If so, 'Roid rage' and paranoia may be at the root of all this. She may have lingering psychiatric issues as a result of anabolic steroid use. It happens.
    I'll bet you big bucks that her lawyer will use it as a defense if she gets arrested for the murder for hire case--or worse, Kyron's loss. I'm holding out hope that Kyron is alive (but oh-please, don't let anyone be holding that child and harming him). I feel for his mother and father.

  17. Well re: amber alert, if that is the case then they need to change that law. Of course if the teacher did not report him absent then they were not even aware that something was amiss. Which would explain terri's lame excuse about the Dr appointment, and also why teacher did not report him absent. If that woman harmed Kyron she should be drawn and quartered.

    Police have to have enough evidence for grand jury to bring down an indictment before arresting Terri.
    Otherwise she could slip out of this thing. They (LE) have to be very careful. Right now they have nothing concrete to charge her with, other than the word of a landscaper of an alleged plot to hire a hit man. It seems to me that terri is a psychopath, and maybe even a deviant sociopath, no wonder kaine is hiding out. He is strange to if you ask me. wow! what a web.....jmho

  18. It seems some posters here are from the town that Kyron lives in and are familiar with the family. I'm very curious what your thoughts are about the father and his refusal to talk to the media early on and his controlling nature with the media now. What do you make of it? All I can surmise is that while he is not responsible for Kyron's disappearance in any way he does have something he's not wanting people to see. It could be anything from a messy house to being cultish... I have no idea. So, to the neighbors, what are your views?

  19. There is, as you say, something Kaine is hiding for sure. Lots of theories flying around.

  20. Everything pointing to Terry, can either be pointed to, or from, Kaine as well.

  21. Well I am glad to Finally hear someone say Kaine as well...
    Avery Villarreal : (spawn of Satan)
    Neighbor, Brother of Kurtis, friend and class mate of Kyron
    Sanchez. LS Friend , maybe , who even knew this man, not Kaine, yet he moved out taking the baby without even confronting terri.
    Yes the police told him, but wow, glad he was not my husband.
    Pumala: neighbor father of Tanner friend of kyron where is he now?
    Have you noticed these people all have one thing in common, That we know of? They call themselves friends of kyron, or are neighbors on sheltered Nook rd ,or went to school with Kyron.
    What kind of place is sheltered nook rd, what kind of school is skyline?
    Dede friend of Terri, What woman would do what Dede is doing unless it is for a child..
    I am connecting dots and what I see is scary, like maybe terri did love kyron and there is someone she is protecting him from. Seems like a lot of priviously upstanding people are willing to go to the mat for Terri, why? For a child?
    I have been thinking for a while that maybe kaine is not as pure as he seems. Or, imo, as he wants to seem. This is so opposite of everyones ideas. But I just don't trust kaine. and I don't trust tony, I see some "good ole boy" signs here.
    Pure speculation, and brainstorming. But if true, it could mean terri is hiding kyron....from kaine. Ludicrous? Probably.
    But what if it isn’t? Why was james sent away? Suddenly
    Why did Deseree divorce Kaine, when she was pregnant, a woman would usually wait to divorce their husband until after baby was born.
    A lot of secrecy surrounding Kaine, but terri is splashed all over the internet.


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