Monday, August 30, 2010

Al Sharpton's "Reclaim the Dream" March and Glenn Beck Rally At Washington DC

Al Sharpton hosted a "reclaim the dream" march on the same day as Glenn Beck's highly publicized (and criticized) "Restoring Honor" rally.  Sharpton voiced concerns early on about Beck's choice of venue for the event, as it was on the date and in the same place as the Martin Luther King, Jr. "I have a dream" speech.

Sharpton is a controversial character in the political landscape by his own means.  Some say he's racist against whites, while others agree with his agenda. 

Sharpton's criticism comes more from the black community than anywhere else at all. CNS News reports that Mychal Massie, the chairman of Project 21 said "The Constitution, and I’ve read the Constitution, permits for Glenn Beck to hold a rally. He is not in any way taking advantage of a day or in any way being unfair or in any way maligning the history of Martin Luther King,”

He went on to accuse Sharpton of using race as a way to divide Americans, and said that the term "black community" should be dispensed of, as we are all Americans.

Do you think that Sharpton was correct in saying that Beck was trying to "hijack" the Civil Rights movement, or do you side with Massie and see nothing wrong with the "restoring honor rally" 


  1. Beck is grasping for anything that may tilt one more person to his nonsense against the POTUS and keep him in the limelight and unfortunately even MLK is fair game to this idiot. Fortunately for him, and unfortunately for us, there is no shortage of monocellular, simple minded Americans as Ichiro Ozawa has observed.

  2. Beck just spoke more loudly and correctly than Sharpton ever could. He said that we are the culmination of Dr. kings dream and that we should no longer allow sins of the past or race divide us. Sharptons message was one of desparation, because without racisim, Sharpton looses relavence. His hammer is racisim in a world trying to leave it behind. did you notice that MLK's niece spoke at Beck's rally? You nimbskull! Isn't it interesting that MLK's blood line does not only disagree with Sharpton but chose to participate in the competing rally. The only simple minded Americans are the Ideological Idiots like you who believe that people should believe what you say simply because you say it. We are on to you! Sharpton is the recist, you are a racist and a biggot.

  3. Clever,
    A man who has 'profited' by abusing Dr. King's Dream, and keeping the 'flame' or racial division alive dares to claim that anyone is 'highjacking' the dream. Really?!

  4. When did Al Sharpton gain any legitimacy, especially after the Tawanda B. matter? Was it when he started wearing a more normal hairstyle? Without dividing people along the lines of race, good ole Rev. Al would not have a job. Still not sure what his job is or where he gets his money but I can only assume that he would actually have to get a job to earn a living.

  5. When are we white Americans going to wake up and realize that we are still the majority.If you live in Memphis , Detroit,or Atlanta you may not believe that , but the fact is there are states that have hardly any blacks and they are also the states that have the best schools, the smartest people, no welfare or crime. Personally I think Beck may be our salvation. Sharpton is nothing, but a bitter black man who does nothing but cause trouble ,a nd the ignorant blacks follow his lead.

  6. You are pretty stupid!


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