Monday, August 30, 2010

Glenn Beck Rally Attendance Controversy and Divide Grows

Glenn Beck’s rally attendance remains debatable, and the divide over the accurate attendance figures continues to grow. At first, the totals reported were around 87,000.  People in Washington DC say that that total was vastly understated.

Some people say that there were around 300,000.  I’ve even saw claims that there were an upwards of a million people present in DC for the rally.

While a million sounds to be a bit much, and 87,000 seems to be a bit low everyone waits for a credible answer.  This is one controversy that may never be solved, and if not the message was not lost and if anything, the message was portrayed to many more people as they read about what the fuss is about.

The rally continues to be a slam-dunk for Glenn Beck and Company, much to the chagrin of his adversaries. He may be hated by the left, but he’s well embraced by many conservatives.

Still yet, one has to admit that the Fox News host’s methods are sometimes on the side of unorthodox. However, he’s passionate about his message, stands up for what he believes in, and doesn’t back down to pressure.  For that, he’s well deserved of respect regardless if 87,000 or 500,000 people showed up for his rally.


  1. People should be less concerned with how many of them showed up, but the types of people that were there and the danger they (and Beck) pose to our democracy. If you want to see the America that Beck is urging on, you need only read his followers’ comments on this site which is critical of Beck and his rally. They are completely blind to facts presented to them if they are contrary to their beliefs. It is scary to see the hold he has over them despite him offering so little substance or truth.

  2. And exactly what types of people were there Dan H? Your answer should be interesting.


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