Wednesday, August 4, 2010

California Proposition 8 2010 - Judge Rules Anti-Gay Marriage Law Unconstitutional

California's proposition 8 has opposition.  Today - in 2010,  judge Vaughn Walker ruled that the proposition 8 anti-gay marriage law is unconstitutional.  After the passage of prop 8, the city of San Francisco and a couple of gay couples sued the state to stop the law from going in to effect.

The law previously passed with voter support on a ballot.

This is a battle won, but doesn't mark the end of the war.  There will likely be many more steps for this bill to overcome before we can say that it has been successfully overturned. The fight could go all the way to the Supreme Court - where a ruling would be a landmark for gay rights activists.

The attitude in California was rather celebratory.  Celebrities such as Ellen, Kim Kardashian, and more all applaud the judges ruling.

Many are concerned about the law, claiming that marriage is an institution between one man and one woman, and has been for the past millennium. Still others say it's time for a change, and time for same-sex couples to reap the same benefits as their heterosexual counterparts.  What are your thoughts on the matter?


  1. Applaud** who's business is it anyway who someone wishes to marry. Many heterosexual couples take marriage for granted and many as well are immature about it, people get married in Vegas on a drunken night wake and say o crap I was tore up last night... It's annoying how many heterosexual couples don't take marriage serious but then can turn around and point a finger at a gay couple and tell them they're not allowed to get married... It's bullshit

  2. shut the fuck up fag

  3. ^^^wow...very mature. i think it's safe to say YOU are the problem and NOT gay marriage.

  4. "The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.".

    "... He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance."

  5. I could not be more happy with this decision. Everyone deserves to be happy and love whom ever they want! As a lesbian i am honored to finally have people standing up for all of the homosexual community, THANK YOU.
    For those of you who are so against it, im sorry that you cant look past something that makes others happy and feel a sense a relief.

  6. since marriage is ordained by God and comes from religion i think it's unfair to my religion and faith to allow a gay couple to enter into marriage when they do not meet the criteria...

    they could have all the same rights just not the sacred title...

  7. I don't want to judge people because it dosent bother me as an adult. But I feel it will be very confusing for our kids as they grow up. Im affraid that this way of life for some will soon become just another lifestye choice. I also feel that "gays" should be resected and given the same rights as "straights". I just would have preferred it to be called a "civil union". To me it's like if eminem wanted to change his race to be black because he feels it's not a lifestye for him but a way of feeling inside himself, how would you vote. Or how about people that have those incredible feelings of love towards their pets. Do we find it unconstitutionable for them to not be able to feel whole. Of course we don't, because we only fight for rights that are popular. How about the rights of prolife fathers who don't have a say in abortions. It took to willing peole, a male and a female, to concieve so why can't they both be in On the choice? If you were to shoot a gun, could stop it from firing. Of course not, and the same should be for conception. I feel our society will not be able to evolve further up until we all come together on this issue. The right to life should be our first and most important way of life. I just feel I couldn't vote to kill a person, as they are in the most vulnerable stage of their life. Then, with the same hand, give another person the right to a same sex marraige. We need to dig deeper inside ourselves to get it right from the beginning of a persons life and to continue with the struggle for all stages of our live.
    Peace and remember "don't sweat the small stuff" do what you can and inspire others along the way.

  8. I feel homos should not be allowed to be married in a church. Due to the origin of marriage between a Male And Female. They should just get married inside a Courtroom or something...

  9. I feel that love is love whether it be between a man and women or a couple of the same sex. I feel that a homosexual bond between two should be honored just as a heterosexual bond is. I believe that there is also a right and wrong way of doing things.
    I strongly believe that with in time gay marriage will be approved throughout the United States of America and eventually throughout the world. Im not saying with in the next five years but maybe the next 25, 50 or even 100 years. It took years for Women and the American American race to get equal rights, and gay rights will eventually be granted... but with in time.
    The world has been created and renewed based on traditions and this event of "marriage" doesn't escape form it. For example; the tradition of wearing a white gown. White, representing purity; lets face it who is actually a virgin up until their wedding night? Being a virgin until your wedding night. The tradition of carrying a bouquet of flowers; which was really started in the mid evil times to cover up the stench of the people gathered during the event because hygiene was not a priority then due to the fact they had no source of running water.
    The "gay community" is nothing more than a new development in this country. I believe that the flamboyancy that the "community" sets off makes people, especially religious groups, uncomfortable, because it goes against what people are taught and how the way people were brought up.
    It is one thing to fight for what you want and what you believe in. I believe the right way of doing things is to gradually do, or introduce rather, something to the public.
    People as a whole are stupid; A person is intelligent.
    A person would sit and converse with you over an issue and maybe be able to see your side. I'm not saying they would always agree with you; that'd be a perfect world, which this is far from; but they would have listened.
    To demand and shove change into the world's face is a brutal battle. I mean look at certain events in history. You can pick any time period in any country and see that somewhere someone or some group was mistreated. To be mistreated is nothing new. They way things are done is. Change scares people; People are full of ignorance; the only way to eliminate ignorance is educate.
    Educating people with why homosexuals should be married will be more effective than being flamboyantly inconsiderate to the world and its traditionalist methods.

  10. I think one person cares for another they should not care about a paper saying they are husband and wife, or husband and husband, or wife and wife.
    If anything they can celebrate a symbolic ceremony with their family and friend and have some1 married them.... Why does it need to be in a court?
    Love is free! Even if this laws don't pass this gay couples are going to still be together…

  11. To me this isn't even about gay rights anymore. This is a slap in the face to all VOTERS everywhere! It's like California instead wanted to vote on a piece of legislation that said that all the taxes were to be given to Hollywood stars instead of their originally assigned places like fixing the roads or more logical things like that. So the people vote and say NO to that retarded idea, right? Well Hollywood speaks up and says we need to reconsider this so a judge says OK lets just do it anyway even though the people of California already spoke out and showed their civic duty by making it out to the polls and making the law legal anyhow. Basically we really don't care about what the people say at all. We're going to do what's best because WE know best not those stupid civic-minded voters. Puh, who needs them anyway.
    I am absolutely offended by the way our system works. If the vote had initially favored gays to be married in California I would have been fine with that because that's what the people wanted. If I lived there and didn't like it I could just move to Texas or something. I would have been just as angry if it got overturned but whatever.

  12. Against gay marriage? Then shut up and don't get one.

  13. It's about time that people start to speak up for their rights. It doesn't matter who you love, it is about finding it in the first place. And if you are lucky enough to find love then you should be able to express it in which ever way YOU think is necessary. Over the past several years, the new generations have become more open minded. The choose not to judge anyone, and if they do, it is a learned habit from people they are surrounded by. As the older generations pass away, the world is just going to become more open minded.

    Love who YOU want to love and don't let anyone tell you different.

  14. I don't understand why people call other names. They judge on what they do not understand. Ignorance is the problem and it's preventing equality. People, read your's what this nation is about....Equality for all. That includes whites, blacks, gay, straights, women and males.

  15. Our country is supposed to hold a high emphasis of seperation of church and state. Whether God likes gays or not, it shouldn't matter in America's laws because God is not our president nor our Congress. Also, I think it's morally wrong that people feel the need to tell other people what the insituition of marriage really is. If two people love each other, that should be enough. I can name hundreds of married, straight couples that most likely didn't marry for love. Gays are people and are citizens, and we guarantee them equal rights. Our government is biased and is ruling by faith in God, not to uphold the Consitution.


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