Saturday, August 28, 2010

FIBA World Championship 2010 Brings Team USA First Win

The 2010 FIBA World Championship is going on in Turkey, and the US is expected to come out on top.  The schedule of FIBA world championship games for the US began with Croatia, and the US was quick to beat them. 

The US was able to allow their top players to take some time out in the game, after holding back Croatia to a meager six points in the second quarter.

The final score was 106-78 USA, showcasing that Croatia is getting better overall and the US needs to step up their game if they will come out on top in the FIBA championship.

Team USA will be playing five games in six days opening up the Championship, and so they really need to keep the poise and self control the exhibited during their match against Croatia.  

Stay tuned for further updates as the FIBA World Championship continues. 

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