Saturday, August 28, 2010

Little League World Series Schedule and the Championship Games

The Little League World Series is coming to an end tomorrow, with the schedule bearing the Championship and Consolation games.  

The Little League World Series shows us many of the future's best baseball players - I cannot help but wonder if some of them will make it to the big leagues. 

Japan will go to the title game, and Chinese Taipei will go on to the Consolation game after Japan was successful in beating their opponent today.

In the US arm of the tournament, Hawaii will take on Texas and the winner will advance to go head to head with Japan tomorrow, and the loser will play Chinese Taipei.

The World Championship Little League World Series game will take place tomorrow at 3:00 PM EDT and will be broadcast on ABC.

The consolation game, broadcast on ESPN, takes place at 11:00 EDT. 

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