Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sarah Palin Twitter: What Will Sarah Palin Tweet After Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally?

Sarah Palin's Twitter account is something that is very popular.  From the Sarah Palin Tweet after the Dr. Laura N-Word saga to Tweeting over the word "refudiate" anything the former Alaskan Governor and Vice Presidential hopeful says is read and watched by the country.

Sarah Palin is one of the keynote speakers at Glenn Beck's restoring honor rally. The rally is set to benefit the troops, and is not a politically motivated event.  

One cannot help but wonder what Sarah Palin will Tweet about the event.  Will she inspire the country, or will she say something that will have her putting her foot in her mouth? 

So far the following Tweets have been issued by Sarah Palin: 

Amazing. We are here. America is beautiful. Washington, DC is filled with extraordinary patriots today to honor our U.S. military.

Yesterday, she said:

Looking forwrd to seeing Alveda King again tomorrw at Glenn Beck rally in DC! MLK's niece spoke at an Alaska event 2 yrs ago - so inspiring!

But the true Sarah Palin Twitter test will come AFTER the crowd has dispersed and she's left to give her thoughts of how the event went. What kind of message do you think she will tweet?


  1. Restoring hon0r,My FOOT!!! BECK and fox TV et al are ruining the lives and ripping this country apart you want to see the results of there work, and the real victims of their propaganda, check the story out and don't let them let you forget who they hurt

  2. Minorities have to beware of those attempting to restore traditional values, they were the values of the Old South. The new values are more egalitarian, it believes that a person regardless of color is given an equal chance to work at a good job. There was a time when only a white man was a king in his castle, but those days are gone with the wind, never to return.

  3. Morris,

    You are right, but Affirmative action has outlived it's fairness and should be discontinued as it has hurt whites for many years at this point. Jobs and opportunities should be earned by the most qualified, not by the color of one's skin -- black, white, yellow or beige.



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