Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sarah Palin Twitter after Glenn Beck Rally - Plenty of Great Restoring Honor Rally Links

Sarah Palin Twitter after the Glenn Beck rally is something that many people are interested in.  Sarah Palin's Twitter account is something that has gotten her in trouble before, as she has made some off the wall comments and has even been known to make up a word or two.

So what did Sarah Palin have to say about the Glenn Beck restoring honor rally? According to her official Twitter Feed, these are Sarah Palin's Twitter updates:

Amazing. We are here. America is beautiful. Washington, DC is filled with extraordinary patriots today to honor our U.S. military.

So honored to be a part of the "Restoring Honor" rally today in D.C. See here for text & video of my remarks:

Please watch the entire rally. Honorable & inspirational from beginning to end. Listen to Dr. Alveda King, Beck, et al!

Sarah Palin hasn't said anything quirky or unconventional...yet.  Our eyes will remain glued on her Twitter updates to see if that changes any time soon.

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