Monday, August 23, 2010

A Tier V Unemployment Extension Could Scream Redistribution of Wealth

The Tier V unemployment extension isn't going to get passed without a fight, that's for sure.  Of course, there are two sides to every argument, and the unemployment extension is no exception.  There are those who think that the extension is a necessity to keep the economy from heading into a depression.  They believe that the extension is the ticket to economic growth and rebound.  

On the other hand, there's a darker side of the argument.  The opposition doesn't want to spend money that the government doesn't have right now to help Americans. Buzz phrases such as "redistribution of wealth" and "socialism" are used to describe the programs that help many Americans. 

On the surface, it's easy to agree with the opposition.  Everyone is hurting right now, and those that are working shouldn't have to foot the bill for those who don't have a job, no matter whose fault it is.  HOWEVER, the government seems to have excess money for salaries, foreign aid, and special interests.

In conclusion, if the government can dole out foreign aid, they can dole out domestic aid. If special interest groups can successfully lobby the government for their cause, then the American public deserves some help during this time of economic uncertainty. The question isn't about spending money we do or don't have, it's about doing what's right in the spirit of America.


  1. the Goverments has got 30b to give to the banks sick..

  2. One solution to the lack of jobs would be to eliminate the minimum wage. If someone could hire someone else for whatever it was worth to both parties you would see the unemployment rate go way down and the free market would start to revive itself instead of everyone just waiting around for their govt. bailout.

  3. Those with high salaries should take a pay cut. If you think the 99ers or the unemployed don't deserve help then Congress don't deserve their high salaries. I wish I had the money to take a vacation for six weeks!

  4. I am a so called "99er" who lost their job after 20 years in an industry that has been all but forgotten due to the increased usage of computers for printing. I still need to pay bills and feed my son and the only thing I am qualified for now is maybe a minimum wage job, if that. What do people in this situation do?

  5. the government has got money to spend on border patrol they have money to bail out countries hell we sent 400 million to gaza now congress come on now gaza of all countries they just basically told gaza what the hell bomb us by sending that money over but the government doesnt have any money for us unemployed workers bull shit they do they just want to hide the money because they know if people find out the government has more money then whats being told they will have to spend it and the way our government is they would rather keep it a secret then to let people know about having or not having money so people dont believe anything the internet tells ya because i guarantee they have the money more money then what there telling everyone

  6. When the US was founded there were restrictions on who could vote. This was for good reason and it worked, the US became a top industrial power. Then came the Great Depression and FDR used the peoples fear to introduce socialism. They traded liberty for security and now as we can see there is neither liberty nor security. We need restrictions on voting again, I heard a proposal for a bill that would require $10,000 per year paid in taxes in order to vote. Without something like this the system will be eaten alive by the masses holding their hands out for more and more entitlements. We must return to an era personal responsibility, with that will come hardships. Hardships should be met, welcomed and conquered, it is what makes a people strong.

  7. let me tell you a-holes something i have worked for 34 years and for those who think that because you are working that you should not have to pay for me. Screw you i just want to receive the money i paid in for all these years. And for a lot of you jerks it is because of you or your daddies that i am not working. So if you have not thought out all the facts keep your mouth shut or run for senate or something else that's worthless anymore.

  8. Funny how this came up almost exactly an hour after a very similar and much more detailed post on All247News. (Click my name to see what I'm talking about.) In fact, that's happened pretty regularly over the last week or so.

    Having trouble finding good enough content on your own?

  9. Hey! every one can you pass this on to uemployed/employed workes,We starting a mach on washington.
    Jobs, Justice and Peace Rally-August 28; Call for Michigan Unemployed job seekers/99ers

    Teresa Bullock-UAW Civil Rights Coordinator:
    "The rally will have a focus on stressing the needs of Job Creation, Voter Registration, Foreclourse Prevention and a host of other issues that are effecting the unemployed, underemployed and youth populations", Ms. Bullock noted.

    The Detroit, Michigan rally will be a part of a series of events across the country, ending with a March on Washington, D.C. on October 2, 2010.
    Focus of the rallies will include the need to reduce unemployment across all sectors/states in the United States and the need for job opportunities to decrease the current 9.5 percent national employment rate and Michigan's 13.2 percent rate.

  10. The last statement "what's right in the spirit of America" says it all ! While many problems brought us to this reality, the time needed to plan a future must be covered by the unemployment extensions for all our fellow citizens who are suffering --- and the children...

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