Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Photo & Memorials Are Available: September 11 Remembered

9/11 photos and memorials are available, as we remember the attacks on September 11.  There aren't many Americans who forgot exactly where they were when they heard the news.  Two planes had flown in to the World Trade Center.  Another plane flew into the Pentagon.

Later in the day, a plane crashed in Pennsylvania in a remote area.  Presumably, passengers overtook the assailants in a heroic move to save whatever the plane's destination was. 

As we remember the tragedy that was 9/11, people want to see photos. Photos that showcase what happen, so that September 11 is always remembered. 


  1. wow. that is very sad. :(

  2. This morning after 911 I awoke with the etched memory of the man holding his knees and wrote..."The man holding his knees, eye glasses on covering his closed eyes, at peace he seemed as he fell closer to ground zero. It will always be etched in my mind that man holding his knees on 911. To view again I draw a scene of JESUS holding out his hands to catch him before he hits the ground...How terrific it was and so much more to the man holding his knees, but to we few we know the picture I added of JESUS is the greatest truth to be, for the man holding his knees."


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