Saturday, September 11, 2010

911 Photos Jumpers Are Remembered at September 11 (Pictures)

911 Photos as Jumpers are remembered are a big deal on this 911. Jumpers were individuals who courageously jumped from the highest points of the World Trade Center the day of the terrorist attacks. This was far from suicide. Their fates were sealed in stone, which was confirmed as the towers collapsed.

You have to ask yourself what you would rather be- burned to death or buried alive in rubble, or an instant death?

These individuals were impacted on September 11 in the worst way - they lost their lives. We should never forget them, as they are part of our own. With heaviness in our hearts, we share these photos. The scenes are gruesome, but we need to look at these gruesome photos to truly grasp what happened to us.


  1. I can never imagine having to face death like these poor poor souls had to. I pray that you're all resting in peace, god be with you and bless all your families.

  2. I am at a lost for words, i can't even imagine what they went through. now i only imagine how there souls are in the most beautiful and safest place in the sky " heaven". now they sit pain free and wait for there loved ones to come when it's there time. no one will ever be forgotten never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. May the lord bless their souls. Now they are kept in God's hands and will never again experience any pain or suffering.


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